Sunday, July 10, 2005

Life is back to normalish after a rather crazy/disturbing week. I suppose I was being a bit naive in my expectation that the G8 Summit would happen without any outbreak of violence. Oh how wrong I was - unfortunately. The trouble started on Monday with riots breaking out on the Princes street - crowds of angry people throwing projectiles at the lines of fully armed riot police blocking their path of destruction. Oh, it was a messy one - but no one was injured and teh police did an impressive job of managing the angry mobs. I woudl call them protesters but they weren't - these were just persons looking for an excuse to have a good ol punch out. You know the kind of people - they can be foudn at sports games, bars, concerts and generally anywhere where there may be achance to cause a bit of trouble. Anyways, it all ended without great incident.

Wednesday was teh beginning of the G8 Summit and there was aplanned march on Glenegles,w here teh 8 men were staying. I went to work withouta hitch, but jsut after lunchw e ahd a tema huddle and were told we were being sent home for fear that smoe of teh protesters may march out to the business park I work ni. Kudos to them if tehy did - its a heck of a commute from anywhere...Anyways, i didn't really feel right just going home so I joined my co-worker for one glass of wine at a pub in teh grass Market. Somehow one glass turned into two bottles and by the time I staggered home I am sure I could have been arrested for public lunacy.....

Thursday was, well, I suppose it was indescribable. I was genuinely shocked, as was everyone. These are sad times are they not? No more noble fights between two armed knights or even two armies who know the consequences of walking into battle. No, now it is commuters and tourists, children, mothers and fathers who find themselves victims of a faceless belief that will never prevail.

On that note, I believe I should finish. I will write a weekend report next time I am on the Interne.


The Pedant-General said...


An excellent roundup, but for the benefit of your readers back home in Shanada, it might be worth clarifying your "fully-armed" riot police on two points:

1. riot police are just ordinary policemen who have been kitted out with body armour, helmets and shields. unlike the Italian caribinieri or the French CRS, both of whom can be really vile.

2. Only a very small and specific section of the police in the UK carry firearms. It is a badge of pride that the ordinary policeman in the street is NOT "armed", in the sense of the word in most other countries.

Sorry to hear that your job is not going well. Keep your pecker up and enjoy this wonderful city now that the morons are gone and the festival is about to start.

Toodle pip,

Anonymous said...

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