Thursday, January 20, 2005

You will notice, if you are detail-oriented person (i.e. Raeanne!) , that I've added a new link entiteld Anne's Blog. Anne is my favorite new friend - she's an INFJ, which explains it completely! Anyway, its another CAnadian perspective of life in Scotland, so check it out if you wish. Her latest entry is especially interesting as it is another perspective on the whole speed-dating thing.

So last night we had a girl huddle to discuss the previous evening's successes and failures. After lengthy discussions of the not-so-good guys (namely drunken Canadian bloke) we had to decide whether to go in and tick anyone off or take another speed dating event for free. I tried to figure out a wayt o scam teh system so only one of us had to do the ticking but, essentially, if you want ot know who chose you, you have to do the ticking yourself.

All but Anne decided to tick. I was torn, because I can't resist something free, but there was one tick I wanted to make! THen again, I reminded myself (as did Jen) - would I really want to go speed-dating again? With that thought fresh in my mind, I went on-line and ticked away. In total I ticked 5 guys - 3 as friends and 2 as potential something or others (read - dates??). HOnestly, I would have been happy just to tick two, but I wanted to get my money's worth, plus I was curious to see if they had ticked me and never know.

Right - so Ego Boost was forthcoming!!! Every bloke I had ticked, except one, had ticked me. The one who hadn't, had not logged on to do his ticking yet. Of course, the blokes probably tick every girl off, but ah well, it was a badly need boost to my self-confidence, which *may* have dipped dramatically in the latter part of 2004. And then I went home and my mobile rang and next thing you know - a date for next Wednesday (totally unrelated to speed-dating).

SO - there is hope, but I still kind of wish that there were a place like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.... Oh, a highly recommended movie BTW.

This weekend I am payign £25 for a 4 course meal, ceilidh and quiz night in celebration of Robert Burns. It is formal dress and a fab chance to meet some other people who have come to Scotland thru SWAP (that is the organisation that is hosting the event).

Well, back to work now! I am sorry I can't email more often!

NOTE TO ALL IMMEDIATE FAMILY - I will try calling you tonite between 5 & 6, so PLEASE don't be doing updates on computer!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the phone call. You sound great. Got caught up on your blog and pictures . Will try to keep up to date but I am losing interest in the net as I get more interested in my workshop. Since I talked to you (1 hour ago) the snow has stopped but another one is on the way tonight and is expected to last untill late tomorrow morning. Well I don't know what else to say so good night .

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