Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Random Notes from the Desk of a Little Cog in the Big Machine called Capitalism:

1. Miss Bo Peep has now stated that she will likely be delaying her trip north until April 30th (or so).

2. Miss Shannon will actually have the flat completely to herself for one WHOLE week!!!!! Yah! March 6 - 13 here I come. (not that I don't love my flatmates - I do - but oh how I yearn for alone time.

3. Jen, Anne & Shannon have made up a schedule of things to do and places to go in the next few weeks. Plans include, but are not limited to:

Rock Climbing
Road Trip (I REFUSE to drive the entire trip this time around)
Chinese New Year Celebrations
Murder Mystery Party
Twister (oh, I think I just made that one up)

4. If I can make it until February 15th that will be 4 Valentine's Days in a row that I have been ALONE.

5. Everyone in the office appears to be off sick

6. Shannon is at that point (yet again) where she is feeling utterly and completely confused about where she should go next/what she should do. Argh - life is so much easier in the confines of university life or a secure job in Canada. All I have is an extreemly vague vision of where I want to go (literally & figuratively) and no idea whatsoever how I am to get there.

7. My efficiency at work last week was 76%, this week it was 122%.

8> I hvae to go, my half hour lunch is over..again.

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