Friday, January 28, 2005

Today I am sick, thus I am not at work. I slept 12 hours - my nose is not longer congested, but my head is throbbing. OJ here I come.

Last night I spent a whole hour with Suzi!! Suzi of PEI - Suzi who lived here, like, 3 years ago, found herself a Scottish bloke and has come over to see him. It's the only long-distance relationship that I know of which has lasted so long... Anywho, it was fab to see Ms Suzi, save for the fact that I was really feeling quite sick

Sickness may be result of not giving myself any downtime since returning to Edinburgh. Down time would result in me thinking - me thinking would result in one of two scenarios: Lots of crying OR making really big decisions about where I want to be in the next year. So, for now, am nixing the thinking - highly dangerous stuff it can be.

Last night I went to comedy with some random bloke who I'd met a week and a half ago. Very random. Anyways, turned out to be good company (although slightly taller than I am used to) and the improv show was hilarious - espeically the skit entitled 'Le Quebec'.

Um, oh and Tuesday I was out with a not-so-random bloke whose name is the same as my father's. How weird is that glad I didn't acccidentally refer to him as 'Daddy' during the evening.

Last night I just chilled and watched Fahrenheit 9/11, which was on TV. Second time around I came to conclusion that, while it is essential viewing, as documentaries go, it wasn't the best that Mr Moore has put out.

K - back to doing nothing for me - that is what one does when one is sick right?

Watch for weekend review on Monday - it may go something like - I was sick - I coughed and sneezed a lot. Just a guess.


Shannon Courtney said...

hehehe - looks like i did a lot of things last night - for anyone who noticed and is confused and feels like mentioning this indiscretion to me (ie RaeRae), let me clarify - Wed was comedy, last night was Suzi and 9/11.

Anonymous said...

you know... that's exactly what I was thinking... hehehe. Hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Love
Hope you get well soon. Remember sometimes the faster road to healing is by facing what you must do either physically, mentally, or emotionally. And sometimes you just have to put your problems aside and let your whole being get to work on curing yourself. I'm sorry I just can't seem to stop giving fatherly advice. Damm.
Just get better.
Not much new here. Saw "What the bleep do we know?" Had asked four different people to go with me but not one took my offer so I went alone. Very very good movie.

Anonymous said...

i did want to see that, just wasn;t in good frame of mind for christmas - hope it will come out on video. will try caling you soon

Anonymous said...

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