Monday, January 24, 2005

Ah, yet another weekend has passed us by, yet another weekend review to write up. The utter joy!

Friday Night – After much contemplation I opted to skip the after-work workout due to the fact that I was feeling extremely nauseous. Nauseousness, however, did not deter me from contemplating a mid-way- home stop at the Woolworth’s for a bag of bubblegum (now that I can chew again!). Luckily, I was distracted from bubblegum plan by text from Jen regarding the evening’s plans. Bubblegum thoughts were put on backburner.

Jen & I traipsed up to the Royal Mile in search of the Jolly Judge (FYI – this is a pub, not some happy-go-lucky court official).In my v short google sarch for free wireless internet spots in Edinburgh, I discovered only two places and the Jolly Judge was one of them. Oh I looked so cool puling my laptop out of backpack and drinking a diet coke. The good news is that there is wireless Internet there, the not-so-good news is that, at least on Friday, there were a load of loud suits and it was extremely smoky. Ah well.

In other good news, I can now say, quite confidently, that Tuesday evening’s investment was value for money – kind of. It has occurred to me since then (especially on Saturday night), that I could probably achieve the same results, if not better, on my own in both quality & quantity. No difference though, what’s done is done and I’d say I faired the best of the 4 of us.

Saturday Day – Shopping, but not really buying, well, except for TICKETS TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!! Jen, Anne & I are going in March. I am SO excited!!!! Now, before you all go ‘What the heck is Shannon doing going to the States – and Chicago no less?’ Nae worries, I refer to Chicago the Broadway Musical that was made into a movie a few years ago. We scored £5 off for being students too (didn’t even have to show our cards!)

Saturday Night – The HIGHLIGHT of the weekend, and possibly the month: A BURNS SUPPER. A bunch of us Canadian gals attended a formal dinner & ceilidh in remembrance and honour of Robert Burns. It was FABULOUS! I actually had an evening gown to wear and heels. There were 75 attendees – mostly from North America and Scotland – plenty of kilts to enjoy! The dinner was delicious – a truly Scottish affair with Haggis, Neeps & Tatties and some very weird (read – not so great tasting) dessert of whipped cream and oats.

The ceilidh to follow was a blast and an aerobic workout. I love it though- dancing is soo fun! Dancing with men in kilts is incomparable J

Afterwards we headed to our new favorite Irish pub, Drop Kick Murphy’s, for some live music and more dancing. And then, out of the blue (or really, coming through the throng of people)., I discovered that Ediburgh is indeed a small place where one is bound to catch up with one’s past. Particularly if that past is in the form of an Irish bloke and you just happen to be at one of the two decent Irish bars in the city, Yes, yes, Filthy’s had followed me all the way from Rose Street to the Grass Market.

Sunday Day – Recovery. Not that I had been drinking – but I am def lacking in sleep these days, It was a pretty chillaxed day – a bit of shopping, a hot chocolate and catch-up on gossip with Anne & Jen. Apparently Anne had been entertained by me the previous evening – I was completely oblivious.

Oh – back to work – again, sorry I can’t email more often. Schem – you are next on my list!!!

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