Tuesday, January 18, 2005

First - a wee sidenote: I posted a few more pics while I was home for the holidays. They are in the Scotland folder - just click on the My Pics Link on the right-hand panel. Now that I have Wi-Fi (hehe - I love saying that), I'll do my best to post pics on a more regauylar basis, most will probably b e from Jen & Keri's cameras...those cameras go everywhere.

Right- so tonight is speed-dating. What in the world was I thinking? Where did I get the idea that this was a good idea? AS per usual I committed myself (i.e. paid money) before actually thinking about what event would entail. I would never do anything if I actually let myself think about the possible scenarios that might play themselves out.

Best-Case Realistic Scenario - An entertaining evening where I meet someone who will occupy my thoughts, thus kicking out the current occupier of my thoughts (I think this would be a good thing).
Worst-case scenario - 2 hours of creepy/sleazy men and conclusion that current occupier of mind is irreplacable (because, of course, the men at this sped dating thing will be representative of singletons on the whole.....)

Apparently we're not supposed to ask the standard questions like 'What do you do?' and 'Where are you From?' because, well, you know, answers to those questions would give us no clue as to whether we might be interested in bloke. What do I care if the bloke is a dealer in non-prescription drugs, or has been unemployed for 8 months? What do I care if he is from a polygomist community? Nah boring, pointlesss questions those are.

So, I am racking my brain for some entertaining/useful questions, here is what I've come up with so far:

1. Do you spend a lot of time in basements?

2. Part a. Do you like dragons? If so, please answer Part b.
Part b. Do you like dungeons?

3. What cartoon character do you most resemble (phsically & in character)?

4. Do you, or have you ever, watched Big Brother (voluntarily) ?

5. What are you doing on the evening of May13? Have you already purchased tickets?

6. Are you from Ireland?

7. What colour are my eyes (note - I will close them at this point)?

8. What colour are your eyes?

9. What do you eat for breakfast?

10. How many times a week do you speak to your mother?

11. Who does your laundry?

12. Please spell 'potato'.

13. If you had to vote for Charlton Heston or Michael Moore to lead your country/the world, who would you choose?

14. How many minutes do you spend on your hair each morning?

15. How many are there in a baker's dozen?

16. Have you ever lived away from home?

17. Where was your last holiday?

18. Do you ever use tipex? (ie white-out)

19. Have you ever sung karaoke? List of songs please.

20. What time is the 3.00 parade at?

SO - yeah, that's all I've got for the moment. That should give me a bit of a clue as to his character - believe me, these are highly useful questions....maybe I should sell them.

Well, back to workie work. Yah!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

I'm so excited to hear about how your speed dating went. I remember you telling me about it when you were home. Well have fun tonight. So, it's you and Jen, couldn't convince Keri to go?? Oh and those questions were so funny!!
Oh, where is Jen heading off to?? I'm being curious here.


Shannon Courtney said...

Hey Rana!

hehe - Speed dating was interesting (see most recent post). Anyway - it was Jen & I plus two other friends (anotehr Canuck and an Irish gal). Keri couldn't be convinced.

Jen is probably heading home for a week in March to do an interview for Walt Disney World in Florida..she's always wanted to work there.

hope things are well with you! hotmail me if you ever wish!

Anonymous said...

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