Thursday, January 13, 2005

Things I should have written over the past two weeks but completely neglected to do (sorry!!):

  • Janet, Joan & Ernie - A fond farewell to you all, sorry I didn't have teh chance to pop into Kelley again before I left :(
  • Janet - Again, congratulations - keep Keri & I in the know about goings on and definitely get in touch if you are headed this way in the spring.
  • Becky R - Sorry to have missed you too - will make it a mission to see you before the yer is out - where is it you're going again Miss Restless?? (she says cheekily)
  • In NOvember I wrote a blog post about some of the horrendous customer srvice experiences Miss Shields et al have had recently. Today I would like to relate a positive experience: Last week, while I was still in Charlottetown, PEI, I took my old dinosaur of an IBM ThinkPad notebook to MicroAge to see if it could be fixred. Thge service guy was straight up with me and suggested that it would not be worth it to fox because it was so old and otehr things were likely to go wrong with it in the future (good point). But did he then try to sell me a new laptop? NOPE! I did broach the subject though, and the service guy and sales guy provided me with some valuable information about laptops, without being pushy AT ALL! Best of all - when I told them I was on atight budget and asked if they had any used laptops, tehy said NO, but then they directed me to a person they knew who was selling his TOshiba laptop (whihc, incidentally the guy had bought from FutureShop). I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with MicroAge - I had never gone in there before because, well, to be honest - I don't like the name of their business and I've always been lucky enough to know someone who could help me with my computer problems before, but I am glad I did - their service was impeccable and despite the fact that I didn't end up buying anything there, I would highly recommend you check them out before heading up town to Future Shop where the only thing they have in store for you is pushy sales guys, rip-off warranties and up-selling techinigques galore.