Monday, January 31, 2005

Here I am back at work - a miraculous weekend recovery which I credit to copious ingestion of Orange Juice not from concentrate and many, many hours of sleep (induced by Nyquil).

Right, so am sure I left you hanging with anticipation as to what the weekend held for this SickShannon. Without further adieu I bring you teh weekend review (not the unintentional rhyming of the that sentence!)

Friday Evening: Shannon wisely chooses to stay in and recuperate from her cold while Keri heads out on Work Do and Jen has haggis with lacrosse team. She is kept compnay by double bill of Simpsons and a not-so-good movie she rented (Two Brothers - cute, but very slow moving and kind of sad for a supposed family movie)

Saturday Afternoon - Following on 10-hour sleep Shannon heads to town to pay massive Council Tax Bill for flar (massive = over $1500). Ouch. She finds herself in Freebie heaven and ends up with, amongst other things, a free day gym pass, a bottle of ketchup, jar of mayonaise, laundry detergent and a frisbee.

Saturday Evening: Shannon is feeling much better so heads out with Canadian crew to do Grass Market pub crawl - very enjoyable, but a late night is not had - in fact we leaev so early that the very nice bouncer at Drop Kick Murhpy's comments . . .I guess we are regs now!

Sunday Afternoon - Gorgeous sunny day and 10 Celsius, so Jen & I head out for a mammoth walk/hill climb which lasts 3 hours. After we walk & climb, we decide to hop on a random us and see where it takes us. It takes us to a shopping centre. Surprise, Surprise. After resisting temptation to buy CDs galore, we head off to do Sunday Evening thing

Sunday Evening - Dinner at Anne's. Yum!!! Mushroom soup, pad thai and scones w/clotted cream. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

So, not the most eventful weekend, but thoroughly enjoyable for a recovering sickie. I

plan to dedicate this week to seeing all the movies I have missed over the last month including: The Aviator, Ray, GARDEN STATE, Million Dollar Baby, Team America (maybe?) & Closer. Funny - Ocean's 12 is not even out here yet!


Anonymous said...

Good evening,
Nice of you to call last night, but now I have nothing to say except that I have finally compleated the collection system. Now to get down to business of making things.
Warmer weather on the way.Maybe above freezing by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

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