Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Wednesday already? How the heck did that happen? Apparently time flies when you're dong absolutely nothing. OK, OK, it's not that bad, but really, without wheels I am kind of stuck at home most of the time. Not that there isn't plenty to keep me entertained here....

Ss, what's the news of the last few days?

Sunday = Visit the gym (just for a quick hello), then off to see Father. Put my cooking skills to the test and make yummy (in my opinion) stuffed haddock fillets and sweet potato oven fries. Finally, off to the cinema to catch teh Polar Express. I'm sorry, but I expected more from the film. TO be honest, it seemed like the film was made expressly to show off just how good they are at animation these days..the story seemed to play second fiddle to the animation itself. I'm starting to agree with what Jen said - animation that doesn't try to replicate reality is much more The Incredibles.

Monday - Lllllaaaaazzzeeee around most of the day (am getting seriously practiced at this, it is rather disturbing). Popped into town to do Myrtles Steps & Weights class, then spent the evening decorating the tree.

Tuesday - Not even worth reporting what I did/didn't do..

Today - in an hour or so I am heading to the gym with Adam (one of the few remaining friends that is still on pEI!), then having lunch. Tonight I am going to see I (heart) Huckabees!

On that note, should probaly go have some food for fuel and get ready..

Will try to make next blog more interesting, promise!


Anonymous said...

It would seem that you have probably met my daughter Ashley at some point. Brown's court perhaps or through Sheena and Natasha who have known Ash forever.
It was nice to meet you today. You do look familiar, so I'm thnking we've met before....

Anonymous said...

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