Saturday, December 11, 2004

You'd think - with all this free time on my hands I'd have the decency to write more frequently on this blog. Well, afraid I'm just too busy (read: lazy) to get around to this writing thing on a daily basis. I have, however, managed to do the following things on a daily basis since returning home:

-Check my Hotmail on hourly basis
-Use MSN Messenger (most frequently to chat with Jen)
-Exercise (or at least contemplate the possibility)
-Think too much
Right, so what have I been up to for the last few days/nights?

Well, Wednesday night I headed into town to celebrate Jen's B'day (again). This time by joining her and some other mates for trivia at The Wave. IT ended up being the MOST interactive trivia ever - hilarious. I also had the good fortune of running into Sheena, Natasha and Shanon Comeau while at the Wave (this made me feel not so archaic). It occurred to me that I wouldn't knw any of these gals if I hadn't lived in Scotland, seeing as that is the common link between us all. Shannon, understandably, burst out laughing every tiem she caught my eye...she was present for my most embarassing moment (yet), way back in August.

Thursday I woke up super early to head into town. Went to the AFC and then did a few errands before heading to the university in hopes of seeing some of the crew at Kelley. Yah!!! I caught up with Janet, Ernie & Joan. We are supposed ot arrange some sort of get-together (a couple of drinks says Ernie, but I suspect it will be more like a few jugs...). Hmm..come to think of it, Janet volunteered me to get that if you are reading this Janet, please send me an email with all the people i should contact. Thanks!

Oh - in other boring errand news of Thursday I also got my hair is really short. Big surprise.

I fell asleep around 10.30 adn didn't wake up until 10.00 teh next morning..think the jet lag cuaght up with em finally.

Friday I was lazy. Firday night I was even lazier. There is no news worth reporting as to Friday's events. Oh, except that I ran into Jared Hogg when I popped into the video store. Crazy...he stayed with us while backpacking around Europe..strange how 4/4 of the young people I've seen since returning home. I wouldn't know unless I lived in Scotland. And my friend visting for the new year..I wouldn't know him if it hadn't been for Scotland either! Crazy!!

Saturday - more gym..return to Myrtle's step class. Not much has changed..all was good. Followed that with grocery shopping nad Christmas Tree picking out. Yah!!

K...gotta run..places to see, people to do...

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