Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Well, it's official, I am a bigger nerd than Jen, whihc probably makes me up there in the top 5 percentile, but anywho. I mean really, I arrive home 12 hours ago and I'm already blogging. Egads!

Not that I want to be awake right now. I told myself I would sleep for twelve hours stright - from eleven last night, util eleven this morning. Myself obviously doesn't listen very well, so here I am.

How as the flight? All was well. I came to discover just how slow Americans talk in comparison to Canadians and had to take my sneakers off for security in New Joisey...rather embarrassing as I had white jogging socks on and one had a whole in it (surprise, surprise). The only real hiccup was at this end of the flight, when I landed in Halifax and found that only one of my checked bags had travelled on the same plane. Conveniently, the 'delayed' baggage is exclusively Christmas presents for other people :( It is supposed to arrive in Halifax this morning....we shall see. It had better.

Last weekend in Edinburgh was full of drinking, friends and celebration. Wow, what an odd combination eh :) So let's see...my last Weekend Review from Edinburgh in 2004:

Friday - A short day at work..the team left at 1.30 to have CHristmas lunch at a Mexican restuarant in Grassmarket.Of course we had to have drinks beforehand..at a bloody Irish pub wehre doubles were only 30p more..so how could I not have two double in the span of an hour? Luckily my managaer was of the same mindset as me, so was not the only 'giddy' one by teh time we left for Mariachi's. Three-course lunch was lovely, but not exactly Christmasy, ,expect for the Christmas crackers. Spent the rest of hte night doing a bit of a pub crawl and talking A LOT to team members.. it is amazing how much I can talk in general, but give me a bit of liquor and its a danger zone really. Rihgt, capped the night off rather early by going to the World's End pub for Vancouver Shannon's leaving do :( My fellow Shannon has left Edinburgh for good...sigh.

Saturday - last minute Christmas shopping by day, house party by night. House party was at 'the guys' place. The guys being our Calgarian friends, Steve, Grand & Scott. It was a good time, what else can I really say? Much drink was had, many funny/fooloish things were done and numerous pictures were taken to prove this point.

Sunday - KEri, Jen & I met up with BEth & Lisianne for 'coffee' just up the street from where we live. All of us live in the same area of town, which is nice. Amywho, after 'coffee, we headed over to the fairgrounds in the Princess Street Gardens. First we checekd out the German market and scored delicious free samples of chocolate, then it was over to the rides. Eeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Beth & I forked over the pounds to ride one of those fancy carousels where the horses go up and down on poles..ahem..lalalalalala. RIght, welll it was sooo fun and much faster than one would expect.

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing. When Jen finally got home from the gym (or should I say sauna??), we sang her Happy Birthday and proceeded to eat chocolate cake galore and head to a pub for birthday meal. Afterwards we headed for Rose St to meet up wiht other birthdya celebrators. KEri made pirate hats out of newspaper and we wore them while we sipped back drinks at Scott's. We got a few odd looks. Mos t previous moment was when two young lads came in and kept staring at us as they passed. Jen went 'Aaarggh' in best pirate voice ever. We finally mosied over to Filthy McNasty's. WE hadn't been there in about three months, but everything was stil the saem, incluiding the crowd in the corner. Well..they say if one doesn't have anything nice to say, one should not say anything at all..so will not speak of Filthy's :) Left after a bit and, on teh way home, I noticed a load of Santas in a pub..we went in and got out pics taken with them.

And that was the end of Edinburgh in 2004. Now it is PEI in 2004...

NOte - now that I am home and have access to computer I will be posting a LOT and emailing and, best of all, UPDATING MY PHOTOS page..let you know when that happens - stay tuned.

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