Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ah - the joys of winter in Canada. The kids are at home today (not mine, as I don't have any, but the kids in general). A combination of snow & freezing rain forced school closures and has left this timid winter driver stranded at home. Lovely.

Am meant to head to the 'City' tonight to join Jen's birthday celebration/trviia night at the Wave, but chances of that happening are not looking so good.

In good news - I got my lost baggage! Unfortuately *cough**cough* some of the chocolate I brought back as for gifts was damaged and HAD to be opened (and sampled).

I am joining the gym for the month - yah!! I missed the AFC while in Edinburgh - my gym at work is lacking in Elliptical Machines and Myrtle's step classes.

Is it sad that the person I have talked to the most (aside from family) since I got home is Jen? And is it even sadder that I've 'talked' to her exclusively via MSN Messeger? Don't get em wrong, I heart you Jen!, but um...hello where is everyone else? Oh, that's right..they've all escaped PEI in order to get jobs and travel the world. Most will be back for one week over Christmas, then return to their new homes. Meanwhile, some of us (read - Jen & I..oh and Becky R) will be enjoying an extended and unpaid stay on this fair isle.

Isn't it just my luck that I check the employment section of the Guardian yesterday and find a job I would love to apply for nad may acutally be eligible to get, but which starts at the beginning of January? I go to do....wait ofr it....its coming.....NOTHING!!! Oh, and do it well I will :)