Sunday, December 26, 2004

Phew.. OK that was by far the scariest driving I have ever done. All in the name of Smudgee's comfort and appetite. Hmm, well maybe a bit of my own too, but mostly I did it for the cat.

I hate driving. No, wait that is NOT TRUE!! I love driving when it is sunny and the roads are clear and visibility is more than, like, 10 feet in front of you!!

So, in conclusion..I hate driving in the following circumstances:

1. I am in Canada (or any other country prone to sudden meteorological happenings that could wreak havoc)
2. It is night-time
3. It is snowing
4. It is windy
5.The roads are basically a blanket of snow
6. I really have to use the washroom

Gah! The most harrowing experience I have had since returning to PEI that hasn't been related to my thoughts/heart, but to something concrete and scary as shite - A Weather Bomb (note the use of bomb in this blog is figurative and has no doubel meaning..incidentally I recently learned that 'weather bomb' is actually a bonafide meteorological term)

12 hours ago I was completely oblivious to the impending storm and enormous amount of stress it would induce on me (my back, in particular, is suffering).

I started the day off right - having a shower, packing up presents to bring to my Dad's and making sure the house was secure, as was planning a late night out - Boxing Day Bash in SUmmerside, here I come!!

Right, so its sunny and the roads are clear all the way to my Dad's. After a pleasent present opening event we take a drive up to Lloyd & Rita's. What a blast from the past - this lovely neighbour couple were subjected to constant visit from Mary, Sara and myself when we were just wee little things. We used to visit oh, I don't know, maybe once a day. Sometimes we'd prepare a song & dance - a particular favorite amongst us three gals was 'Rockin Robin'. Lloyd & Rita would invite us in and we'd have a nice chat (well..I'm not sure how exciting it was for them to talk to 8 year olds). If they didn't invite us in they'd always be sure send us away with candy!!

Anyways, it was great to see them again - they are still sharp, witty, well-informed and interesting conversationalists. But, given that I am a bit of a softie and romantic, I'd have to say that what I enjoyed most about that visit was seeing that this couple, who'd been together for 50 years, was still in love. You could see it in the eyes and in the way Lloyd took care of Rita. 50 years and still going strong - a beautiful sight and an inspiration if ever there was one.

OK, so after that blast from the past, I figured it was time for more blasts from the pasts in the form of a mini highschool reunion. OK, admittedly I've seen Keri, Schemida and Daniellle since high school, but I hadn't seen Christine!

So, by this time I was aware that PEI was going to be hit by a blizzard the next morning. Let me repeat - the NEXT MORNING. I came to conclusion that SUmmerside Boxing Day Bash with KISH gals could be carried out with no problemos. I would chaffeur all and head back to Long Creek after a fab night out..

Alas, it was not to be so. Well, actually, it was to be so..just A LOT shorter than expected and much much more stressful after dropping Ms Shields off in Riviere du Francais.

So, yes I am safe, but I never ever want to drive in snow again. And might I say, it is amazing what runs through your mind in such stressful moments.

A final thought for the day: Warm hugs, tender kisses, loving and kind words - offer them generously and recieve them graciously - they are the greatest gifts we can give or recieve.

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