Saturday, September 01, 2007

In Labour

"So I went to a prenatal class this week."

I have to say, when I first made this remark to Jen & Joan over lunch at the Farmer's Market, I wasn't even thinking about how odd this might sound. Joan just nodded her head, waiting for me to continue, but Jen's jaw dropped and she looked extremely confused "Am I missing something?' she asked.

A legitimate question given that 1) I had not made any announcements regarding the carrying of child 2) I don't have a partner 3) I am losing weight not gaining it! On the other hand...I am living on PEI and I swear, just having that status alone could result in one acquiring 'pregnant' status.

Anyways, as it turns out I'm not pregnant and I went to the prenatal class to learn more about the programs offered by CHANCES, an early childhood educaiton/develpoment centre that is doing amazing work on the Island to provide children and new parents with the best start and support possible.

The topic of this particular class was 'Comfort Practices For Labour/Birthing'. A bit of an oxymoron in my opinion, but it was certainly an interesting and informative class. I had no idea that squatting was considered an excellent positoin for giving birth. I have to say though, I was not necessarily comforted by the class and am thankful that at this point in time I am not carrying anything aside from a bit of extra weight.

It's Labour Day weekend. Woohoo, a whole three days off!! I'm excited, becuase I have NOTHING planned for the next tow days. I think I need it. I've been run off my feetover the past month and it's done absolutely nothing for my stateof mind - I'd go so far as to say I find myself being more easily agitated than usual. And i can't think properly. Never a good sign.

Today I moved into my new place adn I reckon this will do much to calm my nerves. The roommates are much more to my liking - the level of maturity is much higher and the place,in turn, is much cleaner and quieter. I am living with Dan, Rana's future husband; Dorothe,a French girl that is here as a teaching assistanat; and Alison, who is a Nursing student.

Yesterday was my last day at my old place and I came home after work, having packed all of my stuff the day before except the food in the fridge,to discover two older women in teh kitchen dumping everything in the garbage. They'd tossed about half of my food in the garbage inclding blueberries, my homemade flaxseed muffisn (20!) and my veggie dogs. I kind of blew a gasket because they were very unapologetic suggesting I should have come earlier. Then one of them accused me of having made a mess in the kitchen and wasn't happy when I indicated it was actually a mess left from a party her daughter had two days prior. Oh dear me. I was shocked at the lack of respect she gave me, and am so glad to be out of there.

At the beginning of the week, Jimmy was supposed to come visit me at 6.000 and we were going ot see a movie and catch up since it's been over an year since we saw each oher. Wel, Jimmy never showed and, in going with teh agitation theme, I can't say I was particularly impressed when he called four hours later with the lamest excuse ever (basically, even though he didn't say it, he had had a number of drinks at a birthday funciton and forgotten about our date. SO I told him he could make it up by coming over on Wednesday. Well,didn't he show up with a bouquet of floweres and a coupon for a 30 minute massage at Radiant Reflections. Now if only every stand -up was so well compensated!!

On Thursday night I went to a potluck at Keri's place... or should I say Prof. Don Wagner's. She's got the best housesitting gig ever. No animals to look aftera nd a gorgeous house! Anywas, I made Banoffee Pie and it was sooooooo delicious, but sinfully sweet.

Amazingly, my weight is still dropping and clothes are starting to feel a lot looser...old clothes are even starting to fit again!

I'm goin to go read now. I just came back from seeing Sicko at City Cinemas. Interesting stuff - mostly entertaining I love how there's always a Canadian component in his films!

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