Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fantastic Plastic Flowers

I'm starting to think I prefer the lifestyle that can be maintained via a non-conventional employment arrangement which would involve me waking up when I want to, going outside to muck out the horse stables or milk the cows or whatever for a few hours, then spending the rest of the day as I wish. No cheque, but three yummy meals prepared for me and a bed to sleep in. Yes, I think I am having Help Exchange withdrawal symptoms. I truly miss having free time each and every day to simply think about life, enjoy the scenery and engage in interesting conversations with people who are actively living, rather than just going through the grind.

I daresay getting through the first week of 'Back to School' might have something to do with my nostalgia. Not that I mind being super busy at work, but add to that my exercising plan, cooking every meal, having a social life and trying to juggle othter commitments, and you've got yourself one very wiped out Shanadian.

And this was only a four-day work week!

Anyways, life continues and I haven't have time to start plotting my next move. but I will have to v. soon if I intend to apply for any scholarships on the chance that I apply to do my Masters degree.

I haven't had any time to think about my Escape to Toronto in October. That's a lie. I did do a quick google search to determine what candy stores I will have to check out (you know, in case I decide to open a LolliShop someday, I'll have done my research..). ANd I didn't realise, but Niagra Falls is only 1.5 hours away, and Andrew seems to think it'd be a great day trip that should include a tour of the wineries in the region. WOOOHOOO!!! I can't say I've been the biggest fan of Toronto based on my previous visits, but I am sure it'll be a fab time given the company of Andrew, whose a bonafide resident, for the moment anyways! It didn't occur to me until AFTER I booked the ticket that by choosing to spend Thanksgiving in Toronto, I would be forgoing the option of spending it here with family. Booo :( WHy can't I be in two places at once?

I had a fantastic time going out on the town Friday night. Who would've thunk it- a good time im Ch'town and I wasn't even drinking. I was dancing and sweating though! Originally Jen & I were meant to go to the drive-in, but then she suggested going to Baba's Lounge to hear DJ Skratch Bastid playing. Well, I'm not a huge fan of DJs, but thought it had more 'fun' potential than the drive-in. No offence to Jen, but drive-in theatre is sooooo much more fun when you're not actually watching much of the movie and, well, that would've required different company.

This week I am going to give blood for the first time. I want to know what my blood type is and if I am iron deficient. SHould be fun, considering how much I love needles and the such.

On Wednesday I am going to a Toastmasters event with Mom, where the guest speaker is going to talk about Climate Change - he's one of only two people in Atlantic Canada that has been assigned to spread Al Gore's message. Mostly I'm just interested in maybe joining Toastmasters, but it's cool that the speaker will be talking about something that interests me and not about potato crops or car racing.

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