Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Had Something To Say But Now I Forget What It Was

Oh right. Now I remember. How could I forget? It was yesterday, but still . . .


Some might say I'm cruel to mention both her age and the fact that she is older, but what else are little sisters for? Really though, as we both creep up in age, the four year gap doesn't seem nearly as big as it was when I was say, 11 and Sahra was 15. Oh boy, those were interesting times. least I think they were. I find my childhood memories very fuzzy, for no particular reason. At least Sahra has a definitive reason for her lack of early memories (i.e. skull fracture at 17 from horse accident)

Anyways, as each year passes I become more grateful that I do have a sibling and a kind, intelligent, highly sarcastic, interesting one at that. Yay to sisters!

So, in other news, I went to Scottish Dance class last night. I'd been before, just after returning from my stint in Scotland, but had to drop them after a few weeks due to other obligations. It was great fun and I was glad to have company this time from Ms. Keri. I really think, in terms of uplifting, energizing things one can do for oneself, dancing ranks right up there with eating chocolate, savoring a glass of wine and watching the sunset with someone you love. There's just something about moving to music.

Tonight I am heading over to the Student Centre to join in celebrations for Co-op Education's 10 Year Anniversary - looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and enjoying the platters of free food. I can't help but be enticed by free food, especially this week because my budget is going to be blown after I get a haircut/highlights this evening and there are still two days to get through without cash.

I have other things to report, but must get back to work as lunch is over.

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