Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Off Island

This weekend past I went to Halifax with Rana to shop for wedding dresses (hers not mine!) It was nice to get off the Island, despite the rainy weather and my horrible navigation skills, which found us lost many times over the three day trip. Upon Rana's insistence we had dinner at Lonestar one night. Now I am not a fan of chain restaurants, but I will give Rana this...the fajitas were pretty good. What was better, however, was our visit to Freak Lunchbox, where candy is all that lines the walls.

On Saturday we went to three wedding dress shops and Rana tried on a number of dresses while I slyly took pictures with my digital while hiding behind curtains. Until we learned that it's only at Caseley's on PEI that they don't let you take pictures. After that I took a gazillion pictures, but also found time to try a couple of dresses on!

After returning to PEI, I decided I will need another break from the fast-paced, crazy lifestyle here so I booked a flight to Toronto in October.I'll be shacking up with Shackleford and enjoying the delights of Toronto and surrounding areas as a tourist. A tourist with no money, but a tourist nonetheless...

So YAY to seat sales and friends who live in places that are worthy of visiting!

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