Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blue Blue Blue

I am FINALLY leaving Sydney in the goa whole 2 hours into the wilderness that is the Blue Mountains! Am I excited??? YES!!! Do I need a holiday after working 12 hour shifts at work all week and still fitting in bootcamp and kickboxing? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I looking forward to the confusion that is inevitable when I book into the hostel with my travel mate, Shannon Courtney? YES!!

Oh dear me. It does not, apparently, take much to amuse me these days. I am kapooped. It has been a loooonnnngg week, and it's not over yet. Have been working until 8 or 8.30 every night this week...and going in early too. It's not been a bad as I expected- still able to get things done at home in the two hours a night I have had - turns out I just waste the rest of my time watching tv or playingon the internet, so better to just make some moeny so I can pay the CRA an excessive amount of money owing on income tax. As if I made a whole lot of money in 2005. Pffffft. Ah well, at least I was honest, which is more than some can say. Not that hold it against them, but damn it, I believe in karma so I had to be truthful.

OK,so theBlue Mountains are supposed to be amazing. Was thinking of going abseiling or canyoning but SHannon and I have decided to forgo the crazy stuff this time in favor of the cheap and enjoyable thing called 'bushwalking'. I also plan to do some bush dancing at the local bush pub. Maybe some bush eating too... And definitely some bush sleeping. Oh to sleep in...what a wonderful treat that will be. Mental note - my bedroom window needs a freaking curtainn..note the makeshift one that is just a pillowcase - getting woken up by the sunshine.

OK, is this is a bit discombobulated and I am off to bed I go...Goodnight all


Rob said...

Have a great trip - watch out for Brown Snakes

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