Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome to 2006. This blog is now two years old. I, unfortunately, am significantly older and will be, egads, more than a quarter century by the time next Christmas rolls around.

Anywho, so it was, all things considered, an exceptionally enjoyable Christmas season. By contrast to the last two Christmases, where I suffered from maladies including a very broken heart and horrible toothache, I was in a relatively decent state of mind and being.

Highlights from the holiday season:

  • Having the company of Sahra and Henry on Christmas. I don't think my sister has been home on the 25h in at least four years. Having 5 on Christmas morning was much more exciting than having just the 3 of us.
  • Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas baking, Christmas day eating, chocolates, green & red candy..well, you get the idea. I gave myself a few days off the Lifewise plan to indulge in one of the holiday's many splendours. It's a good thing I got boxing gloves and 8 lb weights for Christmas so I can work off all I gained in those measly four or five days.
  • Being with all of my family. I am so very fortunate.
  • My tickle trunk. My father is a very talented woodworker and tends to make gifts for Sahra and I. This year we both got beautiful, cedar lined trunks. I am starting to get a nice little collection of wooden if only he would build me a house.....
  • Visiting relatives on PEI and in Oromocto. In a break from tradition, I actually got ot visit with more than just my immediate family this year! I saw all my grandparents, two uncles, an aunt, and my cousin, Noel, to boot. It was thoroughly enjoyable, especially as I was the youngest person in most cases. Except for Mark & Rita's cute little grandchildren. OK, so I'm not normally super comfortable around kids, heck, I've never even babysat..but if I ever needed convincing that kids are fabulous company....
  • Catching up with friends from away, especially Keri (who I am not sure whetehr to define as a friend from away or home??), Schemida, Christine and Sarah. OH..and a big congratulations to Mr Jimmy Moase who is engaged...and living in St. John's.
  • Catching up with Miss MacPhail of DisneyWorld. ONly 6 weeks until Tash & I head down to sunny Florida!!!

Lowlights from the holiday season

  • Eating too much (see above note in highlights)
  • Realizing that I may not be celebrating Christmas with my fabulous family next year as I will most likely be Down Under.
  • Learning and experiencing firsthand some tough lessons in friendship. Why I tend to chase after things that do not exist is beyond me. I guess I don't like to give up hope, or give up on people, but there are times you just have to for your own sanity... ?

OK, I guess I have to go now. My horoscope is being read by our visitor. Apparently I, and every other Leo, am entering a two-year period of self-development and fulfillment, which will be blissful. Apparently I am not supposed to be too gloomy or serious about anything...and Tuesday or Wednesday of this week would be a good time to have/set up a date (not the dried fruit). Watch this space for updates on horoscope fulfillment :)

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