Wednesday, January 18, 2006

OK, so there's this federal election going on in Canada right's in its eigth and final (thank God) week. To date I've tried to steer clear of discussing politics and the campaign on this blog because a) I am currently working for one of the Liberal candidates b) if I weren't employed in this arena I would probably not be taking any notice of the election and c) it would probably bore/annoy most readers. So for those reasons and others I will continue to remain zippo on the whole deal, at least when it comes to my blog. But do you know how hard it is to have a conversatoin with someone without being pulled into a political discussion.

Yesterday I went for a check up at my dentist's. He asked what I was up to these days, I casually mentioned I was working for an MP. Do you think it could be left at that? Oh no siree. Not that I minded, because he said he was voting for a party that I don't despise (there is only one main party I am hugely unimpressed by...If you just took the first syllable of their party name, you'd find it accurately portrayed how they are trying to get into power..but I digress). Anyways, it seems that everyone has their opinions...except people my own age. And I wish I could say 'what's up with that?' but truth be told, if I weren't smack in the middle of it, Iwould probably be just as disinterested..I mean it's not like I'm planning to be in Canada for much of the next four years (note to parents - this is true).

In a completely unrelated note, I went to my first Creative Writing class tonight and found that the Green Party candidate is one of the students. He is extremely well spoken and personable. The rest of my class mates get the thumbs up too. It's nice to be back at uni, if only for one class where there is always food and laughs and no tests!

Anyhoo, I am a planner and so I am making contingency plans should I find myself unemployed in the near future. Until today I figured my options were:

a) try desperately to find another decent job on PEI and threaten mom and Jim with my indefinite intrusion in their home
b) attempt to find a meh job that would pay teh bills until the summer then jet off to Australia
c) jet off to Australia asap, no passing go and not collecting any more income, thus finding myself in dire need of cash upon landing in the Land Down Under
d) moving to Ottawa temporarily -dependent upon securing an internship with the Sierra Club and then jet off to Australia (there's a distinct theme developing here)

Anyways, today I found myself being convinced by the Myers-Briggs male equivalent of Jen MacPhail that I should consider going to Korea to teach English.

I am now considering it very very seriously. Why? In short -the money is very very good. I could potentially wipe my student debt out in 6-8 months. Also, when finished there it would onl,y be a hop skip and jump to Australia!!

Watch this space for more developments on career front...

Anywho, in other thoughts: Why is it some peopel feel it alright to ask certain questions (out of the blue) but are unwilling to reciprocate when asked similar questions??? Patience wearing out....

Eyes drooping, bed time for bonzo.