Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hmm... to be overly dramatic and mopey or nonchalant and cheerful. Oooh, ooh, I know - we'll take a little dash of the dramatic, mix it with a teaspoon of nonchalance, dip that in some moping and sprinkle with cheerfulness! And voila:

It's the end of my job as I know it, but no worries, I've got Contingency Plan Korea on the table, but yeah, it does suck that I am leaving after only three months, I'll totally miss my co-workers and the coin. On the other hand, it's been a great ride, more than I expected when I came back in September and now I've got a brilliant, new adventure awaiting me!

And now a conversation between Blogger and Shanadian:

So.....(inset awkward silence), sorry I've been away so long Blogger.

Will you forgive me?

I didn't totally forget you, I just couldn't post as often.

Sorry, what did you say?

Oh. Well..OK, you're right I could have, but I guess I just didn't.

I'm sorry, I suck.

Please take me back. I promise I'll never neglect you again.

Well, yeah, OK, maybe I will have a bit of trouble if I end up in Korea and Internet is not as accessible. But I promise I will try my hardest!

Yes, of course you're my only blog site! I'd never go for any other blog site, you're the best by far!

Awwww. Thank you :) You won't regret it!


Phew! So, the federal election is over, Canadians have spoken loud and clear and they (kind of) want change. Not emphatically, mind you, but hesitantly. So hesitantly, in fact, that, while the Conservatives (or Cons, as I warmly refer to them) will form the new government, they have only 21 more seats than the Liberals and nowhere near enough to get anything passed by the House without a strong ally. Even if they were somehow able to convince the NDP to vote with them (you know, cause that's what extreme right-wing and relatively strong left wing parties do all the time), they STILL wouldn't have enough power to get anything by the Liberals & Bloc Quebecois. In fact, they'll need either the Liberals or the Bloc on their side get anything done. Ah, the conundrum of being right-wing in a minority government where all the other parties tend to the left-wing.

So here's the good news: they won't be able to do anything TOO damaging to this country's fabric - nothing too least in the short term.

Here's the not so good news: They can still do some things like:

1) Back out of Kyoto ('s freaking 7 degrees in Alberta today Mr Harper. Do you really think turning your back on the environment is the wisest thing to do - and no, public transit tax credits for public transit systems ALREADY in place just won't cut it!!

2) Call for a free vote on SSM in the House and bring this issue back to the forefront. OK, so apparently in some instances you suggest less government interference in people's lives, so you propose to just give them some money to make them go away (e.g. childcare without the 'care" and textbook credits for students) but in other cases you vehemently believe that the government should hold absolute power over a person's life, most notably, you think that the government should be allowed to label certain types of love as acceptable and other types of love as unacceptable in the eyes of the law. Well, that kind of hypocrisy is simply unacceptable to me.

The other not so good news:

If the Cons are stymied from doing anything too radical in their first year as a government and another election comes around, Canadians just might believe they deserve a majority government. And that, my fellow Canadians, is when a certain something I like to call Bush-it will hit the fan at high speed. You'd better be wearing protective gear (i.e. massive wealth, no reliance on government programs and no deviation from what might be termed 'normal' or 'acceptable')

My greatest disappointment with this election is that the Green Party did not garner a larger portion f the votes. I do understand why - this was a major tug of war election between the right and the left wings, and there were few willing to tick off a candidate whose chances of winning were pretty much nil. But, to be fair, the Green Party has the answers - they know what this country and every country around the world needs to do in order to remain viable and sustainable. Our world is on a collision course with Mother Nature and, in terms of politics, I'd say the Green Party represents one of the following : a) our seatbelts b) an airbag c) the 'evasive maneuvers' button..if we were in a spaceship ;)

And that, my dear friends, is all I can say with regards to politics. I'm not sure any of it makes sense, I'm not sure I'm even close to the mark on any of my analysis, but it's what I think, so I guess I've said it now! Do you know how hard that was to keep to myself while the election was going on???

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