Sunday, January 22, 2006

For feck's sake, why am I so tired?? I mean, I slept for ten hours straight last night and did pretty much nothing today, aside from one hour of cardio at the gym. Meh - I'll blame it on stress of not knowing whether I will be employed as of Tuesday. Although, to be honest, I am quite prepared for this possibility. In fact, I am kind of making plans based on this scenario. Plans that involve traipsing around a couple of continents and eventually settling into life in Northeast Asia, teaching kids how to speak English. Good times to be had!

And yet again I am reminded that it's the random meetings and moments that lead us through life. I mean, really, if I hadn't gone to Christine's on New Year's Eve, I definitely wouldn't be planning to head to Korea. That I am sure of. I'd probably still be majorly stressing about finding on job on PEI or trying to scrounge up enough money to get a working visa for Australia.

Oh, and for the record, I am still going to Australia..I'm just making a few extended stopovers on the way over! Anticipate I'll be hitting the Land Down Under in November or December 2006, just in time for summer. Hey I have to go, it's one of my 101 Things to Do Before I Die. And so is meeting my name twin, who, conveniently, lives in Sydney! So I have to go, and I'll be killing two birds with one stone!

So yeah, Jauary 25 is Robbie Burns night!! Last year we had a blast celebrating in Edinburgh - a three course meal, Burns poems, haggis piping and a ceilidh with lots of crazy Canadians dancing up a storm. Finished the night off at Drop Kick Murphy's where I ran into an Irish guy that I'd dated the summer before. And he was wearing a shiny tracksuit. Oh dear god!

Anyways, this past Friday the Caledonian Club was holding a Burns night in Charlottetown so I headed in with plans to meet Natasha there. Hmmm. It didn't work out as she was late, and I was even later and she assumed I had left so went in the darkened theatre and sat on the floor. I didn't think to look on the floor when I poked my head in to look for my missing friend. Ah well, it was not meant to be I guess.

Yesterday I went to see Brokeback Mountain in the afternoon. I can't say I was overly impressed with it - v. slow-moving and perhaps not as special as everyone is making it out to be, although the acting was v. good. Last night I cooked supper for Keri and we kicked back and had a nice chat. After Keri bid goodnight, I did some weight training and then watched American Idol, which I'd taped earlier in the week. And that was my v. exciting Saturday!

Did I mention I am leaving this Island soon!!!! Not that I don't love it, because I do, but I've got to get my travelling done before civilisation collapses around us (oops, sorry the alarmist slipped out there). But honestly, where the hell is winter?? It still has not reached our doorstep and this is disturbing!!!

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