Friday, April 23, 2004

So, first order of business is to celebrate new found freedom. Chosen method- a visit to the Atlantis Spa. Yes, that's right..I am making my first visit to a spa tomorrow. No, is not what you not squandering away last bit of student loan money on luxurious services (heck..haven't seen loan money in 2 years). Am finally cashing in on Sister Sahra's Christmas present to indulge in relaxing spa treatments.
The most difficult part - choosing amongst all the services available.

I quickly discovered that even spas like to tempt their clients with sinful things like chocolate. That's right..the spa offers three chooclate-based services. You can take a chocolate mousse bath, get a 'chocolate kiss' body scrub, or have a 'chocolate fondue' body wrap. Given my addiction to chocolate, everyone seemed to presume that I would order up one of these services without a second thought. But I gave it a second thought..and a third. And you know what I concluded. First, is a waste of chocolate - chocolate is meant to be consumed, not bathed in. Second, I'm not sure how enjoyable it would be to be covered in gooey a spa anyway.. Of course, my other conern is that I would indeed consume the chocolate and I just didn't want to go down that path.

So, in the end I opted for the Rainfall Massage and Herbal Body Wrap. Both will be firsts for me. Massage & Wrap..sounds like a McDonald's combo! Now..about this body wrap thing. I really wasn't sure what it involved at first, but apparently it is a detoxifying of the body and I wil lose 4 - 15 inches!! Can I choose where I lose those inches (or, more to the point..where I can't afford to lose any inches!!)? Of course, inches/weight loss is only temporary, but I think that some people do wraps on regular basis as way to appear slim..good grief. Well, that is not my intention..just want a nice, relaixing experience. Suppose, however, that I will have to bring a change of clothes for afterwards..perhaps something from 1st year university. Wrap me up!!

Speaking of food, or maybe I wasn't, but in any case...Went to my first cooking class last night..was actually more like a cooking demonstration. It was at the Superstore and cost $10. Andrew & I had been planning to go for awhile now..we missed out on Swiss Fondue night, but were able to finally do last night's Passage to India. My verdict - very, very worthwhile. Why? Because we got to eat a five course meal at the end of it prepared by a real chef (he was def. real chef becuse he didn't measure anything out and used oil like it was water..) So for anyone who enjoys cooking, or even just eating yummy food I would definitely recommend checking out a class (brochures avaiable as you leav ethe store). Be warned, however, that class is full of women between 40 & 60..and hey are vultures when it comes to the food... absolute vultures!

While you're the Superstore..why don't you also check into Pres. Choice Banking. Honestly, it is the best bank out there...with absolutely no banking fees..not even for using interac, plus you get points towards groceries just by doing your normal transactions...I've already collected and used over $100 in points!! It's easy to be complacent about who you bank with, but once you switch over you'll never look back. But that's just my two-cents worth..

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