Monday, April 12, 2004

Have been blog-deprived as of late due to mammoth paper writing and associated delusional state (see below). So now must recall all blogworthy thoughts that have fleeted across my mind over the past few weeks. Forgive disjointedness of this blog mish mash of thoughts from mushy brain that is still in state of recovery....

Happy-Happy-Joy-Joys of Last 1.5 Months

We won 2nd prize at trivia!!! That is a $30 bar tab..which we sold for a cold, hard $25 CAD. Hey, there were 8 of us..what point would here be in spending it on drinks? Come to think of it though...we haven't spent the money as of's been four weeks. brilliant suggestion that we take the money to Atlantic Cash & Carry and buy big containers/bags/boxes of bulk candy was rec'd with only lukewarm enthusiasm.

Did taxes and determined that I was getting money back! Then I did taxes four more times just to be sure and discovered that, in fact, was not in the black, but in the red :( So was happy happy joy joy, followed by boo hoo sniff sniff....)

Finished Honours paper... enough said

Continue to find success in becoming fit. No Atkins, no liquid diet, no fancy exercise tricks. Just plain and simple healthy eating and 1 hour/day at the gym...really it is just that simple

Discovered that Sweet Potatoes are really, really yummy as oven fries

Working Holiday Visa for UK came in! This guarantees that I will not have to work under any tables..let's hope I don't have to work on any tables either :) Expiry date for UK adventure May 2006. Visit regularly for updates re: Scotland adventure as it will become sole topic of weblog 30 days from now ..when life (and a 767 Boeing) take me back to Europe.

Got to see Schemida before she headed out to Calgary for her new Engineering job...old friends are the best friends..even if they can recall moments, fashion failures and hairstyles you'd rather forget :)

Boo Hoo Sniff Sniffs of Last 1.5 months

The Dentist. Oh how I could go on..but I won't Just to a bit suspicious of a dentist who finds one cavity during check-up, then 'discovers' plenty more problems with teeth during second and third appointments. Wisdom teeth do not need pulling, I don't grind my teeth and I don't need a bite plate. Thank you very much. Began to wonder if they saw me as dollar signs rather than patient when I walked in the door. Honestly, dentists are beginning to seem more like salespeople than medical professionals. And I am nay impressed....Not to mention the excrutiating headaches, sore teeth and inability to chew gum. Yes..that's right..I have had to give up gum!!!! No wonder I am more than a bit peeved, that was one of my weight-loss secrets.

Honours Paper ..enough said.

Taxes (see above)

Other Very Random Thoughts

I have given up all hope that President George W. Bush will be dethroned in the upcoming US election of 2004. Why this lack of faith in the American people's ability to choose a competent leader, which they are clearly lacking at the moment? Well, I'll tell you why. It all comes back to American Idol. I know, I just some silly reality TV show...but over 11 million people 'vote' for their favorite singer each and every week (clearly, the entertainment industry is more interesting than politics) Anyway, the fact that John (red-headed 16year old) and Jon Peter Lewis (dancing fool) are still in the running, while Amy Adams has been kicked off and LaToya was in the bottom three one week suggest that American public are simply incapable of differentiating between utter lack of talent and massive amounts of talent. Therefore, am now prepping for another four years with 'W' ruling our neghbours to the South (and the world). Note: Escape to Scotland is step #1... Allan update. Oh where to begin with this heartbreaker of a story. Ok, so in weeks leading up to Easter I was able to maintain resistance to take Allan home, although visits to his home in the Superstore became more and more frequent. His numbers were dwindling..extinction was a possibility. I didn't know what to do. A certain person who shall remain nameless had hinted that I should probably leave Allan where he was..that Allan would come to me if I was just patient. So I held out for Allan as long as I could stand, but by Thursday, the eve of Good Friday, I could handle the temptation no longer and went on frantic search for Allan...Alas,he was nowhere to be found..the last of his kind had vanished from the Superstore shelves. I was distraguht to say the least..I held out hope that he was on his way to meet me, but knew in my heart of hearts he wasn't going to come to me. On Good Friday I found myself the proud and happy owner of Mr. Solid (and he was!!)..Allan's very tasty, but rather diminutive cousin.

I tried to forget about Allan, I really did...tried every trick in the all my attention to Mr. Solid, telling myself that Allan would only have hurt me in the end, talking about the situation with my sister. But nothing worked, I simply could not push Allan out of my memory, no matter how much I wished I could. So, in final, vain attempt to find an Allan all for myself, we (Sahra, Henry and I) made our way to the Superstore in Dartmouth, and it was a miracle. There sitting amidst the other, littler/lesser bunnies, looking rather sad and lonely was one Allan. Just 1..that's all there was. I honestly believe it was a sign that we were meant to be. Save for the fact that he was decapitated, Allan was looking as fine as usual. Henry insisted that he buy Allan for me. How Allan did finallly come home with me and is sitting safely in his bag as I write this. Am presently considering how to deal with decapitation..should I melt head back to the rest of body or simply 'dispose of head'? After all..was always Allan's body I was interested in..not his mind..have discovered that the mind is overrated..the body is where it's at.

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