Thursday, April 08, 2004

Less-on of the WeeK:

Size and length really do matter. A lot. And here I've gone through all these years of my life naively thinking that size and length don't matter, quality is where its at. Whether that quality nudges on the below average or way above average size/length is of no consequence. Well, I've learned my lesson now haven't I? Yep I've learned that, in some cases, less is more.

Now..must apologise for innuendo-ishness of above paragraph, while intentional I'm not quite sure its subtle enough. Good grief...its setting in..lucidity, insanty, utter fatigue, deliusions... all in the name of academia.

OK, what the heck was I trying to say? Oh yeah..OK, so have been working at feverish pace to finish my Honours paper by today. My paper was on the +120 pages (single-spaced) and was planning to spend today doing final touches such as Works Cited and Table of Contents. Then, last night, I get na email - a devastating email, which near put me in tears (but didn't)..Apparently, at the last minute, it ws determined by the higher ups that the damn thing was too long. Too LONG?? Is there really such a thing I asked myself (out loud..because I am getting to that point where the only person who will talk to me is me). Well, apparently so...apparently my inability to be concise has finally caught up with me and punishment is being doled out in huge spoonfuls now. to cut my paper from 120 pages to 70 pages in the span of 20 hours? it turns out, I'd make a great butcher (if it weren't for the fact that I hate handling raw meat). Today, by 1.00 pm I had whitteld my paper down to 70 pages.

'How did you do it Shannon? That is so impressive. I'm absolutely in awe of your editing abilities '

'Why thank you, but really it was nothing. You see...there's this magic little thing in research papers they call Appendices..and I just threw everything in there. It's like when you used to clean your room because your Mom told you it had to be done, but all you really did was throw everything in the closet and under the bed. Quick, easy, gets the job done and no one gets hurt.'

What can I say? It came so naturally..the butchering. I suppose my lack of endearment with the paper helped matters.

OK..enough about the Honours. Oh..except to mention a rather disturbing side effect. Have been having trouble getting to sleep as of late due to stress. Anyway, the short of it is that I dreamed about cauliflower last night..that we had four heads of it in the fridge because Mom had bought two and so had I. So this is what hapens when one abstains from drinking eh? Well I say bring on the vodka and make it a double.

Easter is upon us. I hope everyone has a hoppy Easter! This is the first time in four years that I will be spending Easter with family. Three years ago, Rae-Rae and I were chugging our way throught the Prairies on our 18-day cross country tour of Canada. Fond memories of the Cowboy and Rockstar. Two years ago, was in Ottawa (almost) all alone..Becky C. and 80's night at Barrymore's saved the weekend. Last year, was just settling in to new home of Dublin, recovering from first true Irish pub experience and discovering that the Irish take their chocolate very, very seriously (my kind of pepole). Recall going to the Eurostore (like our DollarStore) and there was some guy on a stepladder shouting out 'Three Chocolate Eggs for Five'. Of course I didn't give in to marketing ploy..went home with just one yummy egg and guilt-free conscience. So..this year am finally at home..but not really. Am actually heading to Halifax tomorrow morning to spend a few nights with Sister Sahra, and hopefully catch up with Mr. Moase (of high school days).

Excusez Moi, must run have just been informed by call monitor that our cat-sitter is trying to get through. Is TooMuchInfo, I know..but don't like to leave w/o explaining..

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