Friday, April 16, 2004

OK, am realising just how attractive & useful subject headings can be, observe:

I'd forgotten just how much I love PowerPoint. It has been too long, but now, having been reunited by neccessity, I have come to fully appreciate all of its attributes and abilities. It is, in my humble opinion, the best MS program out there a gem! So much fun to be had with animation, pictures, etc. noticing disturbing trend of infatuation with 'things' such as Chocolate Bunnies and Computer Applications. Must be the fresh spring air...

In any case, have 4 days to work on verbal component of Honours presentation. PowerPoint has done its part, now I have to do mine. Have come to conclusion that I will have no trouble talking about ecotourism for half an hour, heck I wrote 112 freakin pages on the subject. Concern is whether I will make any sense what-so-ever and what the review board has in store for Q & A period. I will plead the fifth..or choke up.

An International Affair
Tonight is gathering of wanderlusts. Have organised a get-together of all those that are going international in the next few weeks...most are current or former UPEI students (some, like me, are both!). Scotland is the star this time around..with at least 7 of us heading over there. New Zealand and Ireland are les autres destinations. Oddly enough, no one is going to the's like they don't want us south of the border any more. Ah well, their loss :) Also very odd..all wanderlusts are female. At first I couldn't figure it out..I mean is not like UPEI is all-girl 60:40 ratio of females to males, so definitely a skewed represenation here (apologies, but BUS 250 lessons are coming back to me at this moment). Anyways, have finally come to conclusion that girls of PEI are just more adventurous and, perhaps, desperate to find out what there is beyond the red soils and white sand beaches of PEI. Possilbly they are also more interested in Men With Kilts, bags/pipes and haggis?

Barenaked Ladies Rock!

I just cannot get enough of this Canadian band's latest CD - Everything to Everyone. you know, it is a very rare thing to find a CD where you don't want to skip through any of the songs. These guys are awesome. Postcards, Shopping, Testing 1 2 3, Maybe Katie, et al..fab. Why aren't they bigger? Why does it seem that Nickelback is more ppoular than the Barenaked Ladies?

Random Thoughts

Must pass Honours

What is that song? 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'?? Who the heck does that? Is it The Danger..I want to request it on the Drive at Five

The Gahan House has great mushroom burgers, highly recommended. The Pilot House's sweet potato fries also rock

I could have won $250 on the radio today. I knew the answer to the movie trivia quesiotn..if only I'd been able to get through. Today I even tried dialing the number.

Allan is disappearing from my life. See, I knew it would happen. They never stick around for long. Of course, is all my fault...was indulging too much (if there is such a thing) Was also sharing that a good idea?

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