Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hmmm. I'm Drawing a Blank Here ____________

Some VERY Random Thoughts of the Day:

So here I am back 'home' on PEI . Somehow I forgot how beautiful this island is during the summer months. I have to say, even after living in Europe and Australia, this little island on the East Coast of Canada still gives me the goosebump. My dad and I were driving down through Stanley Bridge this afternoon and I commented on how gorgeous it was. He seemed surprised, asking if I thought so even after all the travelling I've done. Well, the answer is an emphatic YES. And there's more to this Island than its beauty, there's a certain character to it that I can't find the words to describe, but which is both invigorating and calming at the same time.

I suppose sometimes we don't or can't appreciate the true brillance of something until we are in its absence. Luckily, we always have the opportunity to return.


At the moment my mind is churning around a lot. I have so many things to think about and do - find employment, explore entrepreneurial ventures, focus on my health/nutrition, catch up with friends, start looking for a place to live in Ch'town, figure out where I am going and why, look at my finances, etc.

And yet I find my mind wandering. A lot. It wanders in one direction only. At least I am a consistent wanderer.

I need it to stop wandering - it is consuming too much of my time and energy. I blame my heart. My heart blames my head. It's all very circular and uninteresting to the rest of you, so I digress.


There are so many new things in Charlottetown since I left. Oooh a new intersection and a Boston Pizza. We are moving up in the world. There are also a few new bars and restaurants in town that might actually be worth checking out....once I am in Stage 3 of my Lifewise plan, where I can eat more than just chicken, fish and tofu.

I am genuinely excited to go to Blues night at the Maple Grille. PEI entertainment in the summer rocks. I was on Victoria Row Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised when a jazz band started up just as the sun was starting to fall. It would have been very romantic aside from that fact that I was with Schemida. But at least I was in good company.


I have four weddings to attend next summer. Hopefully no funerals. I refer to the film,in case you think I am just being morbid. Anyways, so my big sis is tying the knot with Mr. Thunder and they are having and Island wedding. Three of my friends are also getting marrie in various locations and to men/women with last names that are not nearly as interesting as Rowan Thunder's, but who are brilliant people nonetheless.


I miss my Australia friends. I think they should all come visit me on PEI. Or we could meet halfway - say in Hawaii.


I want to work out at the gym but I can't afford a gym membership yet. Instead I am jogging 4 k a day, doing step for half an hour and lifting weights for another 30 minutes. That's about 90 minutes of my day dedicated to feeling better, being healthier and looking more like I did before I left Canada.


Anonymous said...

It is of my humble opinion that Boston Pizza is a step down in the world...

Shannon Courtney said...

Dear sister who always seems so shocked that people cannot recognize obvous sarcasm...well, you just became one of those people....

Rob said...

UFIT Shannon

Unknown said...
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