Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Sober Blog

You know what really sucks about cutting out alcohol completely? When you have the urge, for the first time since the birth of your blog, to write a drunken post and you just can't. You know the kind I'm talking about - the one where you rant and ramble on and say things you would never think of writing in a sober state, and yet the words, the sentence, seem to flow from your fingers effortlessly.

You have an imaginary conversation with someone that you will probably never have in real life and even if you did, it would most certainly be a private affair. Yet it all seems to make sense in you fuzzy wine-induced state - this blogging what's on your mind and in your heart. You wax philisophical about everything from the importance of daily flossing to questions of our existence. And then you relate a story of such hilarity that you literally fall off your chair in fits of laughter as you are writing it.

Mind you, I can only imagine this scenario because this is indeed the first time I've ever desired to write such a post. And yet I can't, because I am sober and will be for the forseeable future. So instead I will write a blog post in my current stat, which is, sadly 'very tired and smelling of campfire smoke'.

This is where I am right now - I love life. I love the universe. I love love. Good things are happening and I'm excited. This whole 'follow your heart' philosophy, it really works - and I'm not just talking about one area of life here, I'm talking about the whole gambit. If you feel a tug, don't ignore it. It's your soul speaking to you. Don't let your own thoughts inhibit you. It's like the multiple choice tests - 90% of the time, your first gut reaction/intuition is the 'best' answer. Think about it too much and you might make the 'not so great' choice. I say best and not best, because this is an analogy and while tests have right and wrong answers, in life things are never quite that black and white.

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