Monday, June 11, 2007

Home At Last

I took the ferry to PEI for the first time since the bridge opened back in '97. It was a brilliant way to come home - waves lapping gently against the boat, the white sunlight streaking its way through the heavily hung gray clouds and, of course, the ruddy red cliffs greeting us with open arms. It was a sweet way to return to my roots.

Originally I was planning to take the shuttle back to the Island, but Patrick saved me from that horrible fate by deciding to head to Halifax for a weekend of couchsurfing & partying. He had the company of two travellers - Sebastian, from Romania and hitchiker Dave, from the UK. Hitchiker Dave made it from Calgary to PEI in a mere four days. That is impressive.

Friday afternoon the guys rocked up at my sister's place and after a brief visit, we hightailed it to Halifax for a couchsurfing shindig, picking up Natasha on the way. I was soooo happy to see both Patrick and Natasha, as they are both fellow wanderlusts who haven't fallen into the whole 'hatch, match & dispatch' mentality that seems so prevalent on PEI. After the couchsurfing shindig, Tash & I retired to her place on the navy base, intending to have an early night, but I had already indulged in too much alcohol and at around midnight insisted that we hit a pub in town so we went to a brilliant Irish place on Barrington and I kicked up my heels like I haven't for ages. It felt great! Eventually, the DJ handed the reins over to The Boys Next Door, whom I've been trying to see for ages. Yay! But seriously, why do people keep telling me I look like Betty Boop?

On Saturday Sahra, Tash, Schemida and I headed to the farmer's market, which would have been thoroughly enjoyable if I'd had more sleep and less wine the night before. Well, in any case we then made our way to the Greek Fest, where we enjoyed some delicious souvlaki and pastries, and watched little Greek kids dance in a circle.

Eventually Sahra, Schemida and I made our way to the public gardens. It ended up being prom day, so there were loads of high school kids decked out to the nines getting their pictures taken. Some of the dresses were breathtakingly beautiful - I think Sahra might have gotten a few ideas for her wedding dress. I, meanwhile, found myself admiring one or two of the men who were wearing forties style hats. So very nice.

My heart is tugging. I need some distractions. It's a good thing I am back home - job-hunting, apartment-hunting, working out and catching up with friends/family should provide almost enough in this regard.

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Admiring one or two high school boys.... ;-)