Monday, May 21, 2007

Closer to Canada

I abhor time zones. In the past week I've travelled over 20 time zones. I've also voluntarily chosen to enjoy $1 alcoholic drinks with fellow hostellers versus getting a decent night's sleep. So yah, I'm responsible for my current zombie-like existence. Oh well.

Right, so San Francisco was as brilliant as it was ten months ago. Mind you, I didn't see nearly as much of it this time round, due to lack of time and the fact that I basically just slept and drank my time away. I stayed at the Green Tortoise hostel again - it has got to be the BEST hostel I've ever been at in terms of meeting people. Of course they were all British/Irish...I can't seem to get away from them, they are everywhere.

Anyways, I left San Fran on Friday at noon, all ready for my easy peasy flight to Michigan. Nothing could equal the debacles I encountered trying to leave Sydney. Or could it? So I approach the counter and am immediately informed that my flight to Cleveland has been delayed, thus they have to reroute me in order to get me to Traverse City the same day. Well first they tell me I am flying through Chicago and won't arrive until 12.12 am. I am tired, hungover and really not impressed with all these air travel hassles, so I 'kind of' insist that there must be another way to get there earlier and indeed there is. So I find myself flying to Traverse City via Houston. The flights were pretty noneventful, I had good seat mates so spent the entire time talking when I should have been sleeping.

Yay. I am so close to the Canadian border now, I can smell the Molson. And the hockey. Anyways, since I've been shacked up in Traverse City I've spent a rather disproportionate amount of time sleeping and have completely lost my appetite. That beind said, Nathan took me to the happening Asparagus Festival in Empire, Michigan and we enjoyed an asparaugs dinner at the Lion's Club, with local wines to accompany the splendid meal.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes you are indeed closer to Hockey nation... GO SENS GO!!! We're in the finals... the city is so ALIVE with Sens spirit, it's awesome. No cheering for Detroit while you're in Michigan!!!


Anonymous said...

HI love you off for an eye apointment then Im taking Lloyd to Halifax gotta go