Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Same Day, Another Tick

Wow. This is literally the longest day of my life. I arrived safe and sound in San Francisco today, May 16th at 10.40 am. I also left Australia today, May 16th at 2.40 pm. Crazy.

So, despite the debacles in leaving Sydney, all has gone smoothly since I last wrote a post from the Red Carpet Club lounge in Australia. Most noteably:

1. The immigration office at San Fran let me into glorious United States of America without batting an eye. I can even stay here for six whole months if I so desire.

2. The plane did not crash. Yay! Something about flights over 6 hours kind of makes me uneasy

3. I FINALLY get to tick off yet another thing on my list of 101 things to do before I die. Yep, that's right,I got upgraded to Business Class!!! Ask and you shall recieve as my friend Mr Crossman says. Only myself and two others from the cancelled flight were upgraded. I think they felt really bad about telling me I was going yesterday, then giving the other dude the last seat.The other couple got upgraded because I told them I'd asked and recieved, so they followed suit. Anyways, if there's anyone else out there like me..who was under the lovely delusion that Business Class wasn't much better than Economy..just a bit more leg room, well let me say that's precisely what it is - a delusion.

Indeed,it turns out Business Class means being spoiled from take-off to landing. With super comfortable chairs that recline to almost fla, lots and lots of leg room, individual tvs with movies, a pamper kit with toiletries and the such, as well as MUCH better food and service... Dinner was a three course affair with a choice of mains (I had salmon). Food was served on plates wwith real cutlery and glass wine glasses, which were never empty for long. Ahhh. Definitely the best flight on which to recieve an upgrade!

Well, despite the lovely seats on the plane I couldn't sleep at all - something to do witht he turbulence, my fear of crashing and the loud noise that a plane makes when flying at over 1000 kmsground speed. So I'm at the Green Tortoise hostel, I have a headache and should probably take a nap, but I'm not tired and fear wrecking my sleep schedule even more. If that's possible.

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