Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stranded in Sydney

Oh dear. I am still in Australia thanks to United Airlines. I was pumped to go yesterday and went to the airport early to have a final lunch with Shannon Courtney the male version, but discovered upon arrival that the flight had been cancelled due to crewing issues - as in not enough of them. I was given the option of waiting on standby for a flight that would go thru L.A. or taking a hotel for the night and getting on a flight direct to SFO today. After a bit of humming and hawing I decided to go Stand By. It was down to the wire - there were not enough seats so some people volunteered to stay over but they were still two seats short for the rest of us.

IT was myself and a guy that weren't going to get on, but at the last minute they told us they had two more seats so we were going. I headed back to check-in my baggage only to hear one of the flight attendants say that one of the passengers already on the plane did not have a seat. So yeah, two of us and only one seat. I said we should flip for it but the other guy seemed to think he deserved the seat more b/c he hadn;t been home for a WHOLE three weeks. Whoa. I mean, that's nothing compared to TEN months..... ANyways, they gave him the seat because his bags were checked already. I ended up staying at the airport hotel and hanging with some Americans and a Aussie last night which was fine. Today we all headed back to the airport. We've been upgraded to Economy Plus, but I was told they'd try to get me on Business Class and am hoping that's the case. We're in the Red Carpet Club lounge write now - it's pretty nice. If I get my upgrade I'll be happy because that means I can tick off another on my list of 101 things to do before I die.

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Rob said...

Oh the life of a celebrity!

Travel is hell