Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sleep Tight and Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Easier said then done, that one is! It's been an impossibly crazy week...I'm surprised I can still function.

I moved into my flat on Monday of last. Spent Tuesday boozing it up with a workmate and finally unpacked all my stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. Another later night of work drinks on Friday and I woke up Saturday to discover I had six or seven rather large red bite marks on me. They didn't itch, but I was slightly concerned because, despite my state the night before, I was pretty sure I had no huge red bites when I stumbled into my bed. Of course, I know I've panicked in the past about bites and they've turned out to be nothing, so this time I didn't panic.

I went downstairs and nonchalantly showed my bites to my German roomate and asked as casually as possible if he thought they might be bed bug bites. The look on his face said it all and next thing you know, he's telling me that they did have a bed bug problem a few months previous, but that he'd used an over teh counter bug spray that killed them all. Uh huh. Apparently not. We went on a hunt and lo and behold we found a little red bed bug all alive and well - probably digesting my blood at that very moment. Suffice to say his life did not last much longer.

So, after getting my hair massacred (made the appt before I knew I'd be dealing with bed bug crises), I did a lot of research into bedbugs and determined that the only way to ensure they were gone for good was to get an exterminator. Luckliy my flatmates were on board - Jeanie's lived here for three years and never had a problem until one of the former flatmates came back from travelling and had bed bug bites and a sleeping bag she'd borroed from the German guy (Marco). So there you have it -that's how they made it in here.

We are getting exterminated tomorrow. In the meantime have had to launder and dry ALL my clothes and am sleeping on the pullout couch downstairs. I 'may' have sprayed bug poison in my room and it 'may' be a bit smelly in there....I figure it's no worse than the pesticides I've breathed in on PEI over hte past 20 years or so!!

Yep, so that's about all the news...the weekend was basically a write off due to bed bug infestation. I've started hardcore pretraining for marathon and so far so good (ie. I have not collapsed on gym floor from exhaustion).

SO yeah, that's kind of a boring post. What can I say - bed bugs are boring and bite.

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