Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've Done it All

Wow, where to begin? I've discovered the great cunundrum with blogging - when one has all the time in the world to write blog posts (eg. when one is unemployed and lviing with one's parents ), one has nothing of interest to write about. When one FINALLY gets a life (ie. job, new place to live and social engagements to attend), one does not have time to write about it all.But I digress, that is just my lame attempt to excuse my poor blogging habits of recent. I will try to make amends now...

When I say I've done it all, I am exaggerating, but not by much. The past couple of weeks have been laden with new experiences - some breathtaking, some hilarious, some embarassing, all absolutely brilliant!

Let's take AFL. AFL stands for Australian Football League. The Aussies have decided to creat their own game, endearingly called Aussie 'No Rules' Football, From what I gather, the basic premise is that the players are meant to kick the ball between the two goal posts and can use any means necessary to do so. Now, this in and of itself would make for quite an interewsting game, but no the Aussies couldn't stop there. They had to throw in a ROUND field and give the teams names like the Sydney Swans and the Magpies. The topper, however, has go tto be teh unifroms these tall, muscular, delicious male players don. Take a basic jersey, pair it with some satiny short shorts and finish off the look with striped knee high socks and voila you have yourlsef a uniform that is, if nothing else, a fashion statement in professional sports.

I went to my first AFL game last Saturday night with Shannon and some of his friends, as wel as a few of my friends. It was quite the mingling. I scored free tickets thanks to being employed with Citibank!! I didn't really get the rules of the game (or lack thereof), but I did ge a beer and a glass of disgusting wine. It was great fun!

The next night, in keeping with the sporting theme, I joing Brett , Garth and two English lads for Gay Bowling at Fox Studios. Now I know what you are wondering. What is gay bowling? How is it different from normal bowling? Well, it's not reallyTHAT different...unless you happen to be a girl and then you notice that you are very underrepresented as genders go. You also notice you have no worries whatsoever about how dorky you look in your bowling shoes cause it's not like there are any guys that you can impress. OK, but really - the main difference was the visual aids provided on the screens at the end of the lanes. Scantily clad men provided a constant distraction..

On Thursday I went to Mongolian BBQ in Darling Harbour to celebrate the fact that I am getting older. It turns out the promise of all-you-can eat stir fry made before your own eyes is not as great as it sounds, but I had the company of six men, so I can't really complain can I?

Friday night Shannon kindly invited me to se/hear the Sydney Symphony at teh Opera House. We went out for dinner first and I had a spectacular salmon fillet - my fisrt since arriving here! They are so bloody expensive. Anyways, after dinner we were walking to the opera house in a hurry when my shoe fell off my foot. I'd bought new heely shoes just four days prior and they'd already broeknn. So there I was digging through my bag for my spare pair (don't ask) when my mobile rang (it never rings). A few minutes later I was jumping up and down with glee on one heel and one bare foot. I'd just recieved news that I'd been chosen as the new flatmate for a flat I really really wanted to stay at!! Anyways - the symphony was brillant and the opera house as impressive on the inside as it is from the outside (well..almost).

Last night I was supposed to go out on the town for my birthday, but I just didn't feel up to it. Instead I hnung out with Brett and Peter - ate horrendously and watched a couple of movies.

Today we went to Bonid Beach - my first time there! It ws a typical beach town - with lots of tacky shops, restaraunts , etc. The beach, however, was quite lovely - the sand is sssoooo soft and the waves were huge .

Hmmm...other stuff has happened - I can't recall what though. Old age setting in...This weekwill be bus - I have to move twice and do other things like work and train for a marathon.

On that note, I shall hit the sack. I can barely keep my eyes open...


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