Saturday, February 25, 2006

Damn. Damn. Damn. Why do I have to be an ENFJ? Damn me and my stupid heart. Sigh. OK, so I really shouldn't be complaining because it's not like anything horrible has happened..but why is it that EVERY time I meet someone of signficance they live in a different country than me? Why? Is this my fate? Is this my punishment for choosing to travel and meet new people? And what the heck am I supposed to do about it? Am I just going to be an old spinster with a backpack and an impressive resume of travelling?

One thing is for sure - I can't give up travelling for anything or anyone - it's my first least at this point in my life. So, of course, it would make sense for me to find some guy that likes to and is willing to travel around the world with me. Sigh. Easier said than done. And so, instead I meet Irish men and American men that pull my heart strings and make me wish in some ways that I could be satisified with settling in one place. But I'm not there yet.

Anyways - enough about my stupid heart and all that jazz.

Speaking of jazz..and other music...this weekend PEI is hosting the East Coast Music Awards. I am a Welcome Ambassador (volunteer). It's been OK so far - the Delta was buzzing on Thursday , the Rodd Charlottetown not so busy on Friday. Crossing my fingers I'll get picked as a volunteer for the Gala Awards show, but apparently there are over 600 we shall see! ! In any case, I am taking in some of the ECMA action tonight at Myron's (note to all: this is the ONE exception I will make for going to Myron's on a Saturday night). There are a load of bands playing Max Trax Rock showcase and the Yamaha 72 hour jam will also be playing upstairs! Then I have to be up for a 10-2 stint of volunteering tomorrow morning! Good grief- I am getting too old for this stuff.

Things have been great since I got back. Really really enjoyed my time at sister Sahra's in Dartmouth and she has the MOST comfortable couch EVER!!!!! Plus her two black cats are cute and, best of all, quiet! Upon returning to PEI via shuttle (intersting in itself as I chatted the whole way with a guy who was the father of one of my fellow UPEI classmates...such a small Island) I was back in the swing of things immediately.

Wednesday I slept in and then did the gym and sent off my passport application. Wednesday night = creative writing class. Crazily enough the class was NOT cancelled!

Thursday meant more time at the gym, then I had ECMA volunteer duties. Immediately following my shift, I headed to the Charlottetown Driving Park for dinner with my former workmates from Shawn Murphy's office. Apparently the dinner was kind of a farewell for those of us who had to leave after the election. OK, to be honest, my expectations of the restaurant were very very low. I mean, hello?? It's the CDP..I was expecting a burger and fries menu and had vowed only to order a green salad..if they even had one on the menu. To my complete surprise, the restaurant turned out to be very very swank and a divine buffet was on offer. There were steamed mussels, chicken cacciatore, roast beef, pork schnitzel, sweet potatoes, roast potatoes, salads, about a dozen different desserts (including a chocolate cheesecake I somehow avoided) AND, la piece de resistance: a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit for the dipping...and endless supply of warm chocolate. Could it get any better. No way!!!! It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening - the company was spectacular, the food out of this world (or at least above my expectations).

Yesterday I did more ECMA volunteering, followed by more gym and then a quiet night at home - watched a bit of Olympics and then went to bed early. Still catching up on sleep and it seems the next few days will not be kind to this plan - what with Myron's tonight, volunteering tomorrow and then a full day of events for Monday including a post-awards party at the Delta for ECMAs!!!!!

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