Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am in ORLANDO and having the time of my life. Ironically that is the last song they played at Chillers last night ..Bill Medley version. It was brilliant! Chillers is a bar with a few stories and a rooftop where people drink and dance. They sell alcoholic slushies for $1. Oh and there are actually MEN that are in their twenties...a novelty after PEI. I was actually recognized by two French guys who work at Epcot and had seen me earlier in the day at the boulangerie in France.

Anyways, everything about Disney World is happy and clean. I love it - it's pretty fantabulous. I wish I could write more but we are heading out to an all you can eat buffet for $4!!!!! And I am so tired after a night on the town..and we are going out AGAIN tonight to Pleasure Island!!!


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