Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So I should be writing for my creative writing class, but I seem to have a bit of writer's block (aka - having too much else on my mind!!). Ah, so I retreat to Blogger to write where I will not be judged (because I've put restrictions on my comments and now no one comments!).

Life has been a bit crazy since I got home, especially considering I am an unemployed bum with no social life. Craziness, for the most part, was related to East Coast Music Awards. I was volunteering all weekend at the Delta & Rodd. It was great fun, especially meeting some of the other volunteers. Of course, Monday night was the icing on the cake - the Gala Awards Show. Somehow I managed to get into the show, volunteering to look after the corporate boxes. When I arrived, it was discovered that I, along with the other 11 ladies selected to look after the boxes, were not required after all. So they had us taking tickets and stapming people for about an hour (the show was four hours), then they let us sit up near the stage and enjoy the show. It was a brilliant piece of entertainment - I especially enjoyed The Chucky Danger Band and, to tbe fair, the Trailer Park Boys did a pretty good job as hosts. For the last segment of the show I got to sit down in the floor section, which was pretty cool!!

The post-awards party was spectacular - bands were playing, people were dancing, the liquor was flowing and I didn't even have to buy my own drinks ;) So yeah, I didn't get home until 5 am. . . oops. Who knew one could have so much fun on PEI.

Anyhoo - now I am back to being unemployed bum without volunteer stint...but lots of gym time is on the horizon!! Also, I am still considering a return to Orlando, we shall see how that pans out....

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