Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, I did it. I wrapped a cardboard box in pretty purple paper, cut a circle out for my waist and hung it off my shoulders with ribbon. I attached some nice bows and a gift tag that read:
To: Men From: God.

There were many jokes about my box throughout the evening. Someone called me gifted adn a number of guys informed me that they were 'men'. I replied that men is a plural, thus representing more than one. I could not be gifted to just one man. So I stayed wrapped up, enjoyed flirting wit a doctor(hey, it's been awhile, I've been on PEI after all!) , spilled some wine, drank some more and then proceeded to, well, use Rae's bathroom for its unintended purpose.

Suffice to say that the trip home the next day was rather unenjoyable and slightly hard on the stomach. I did make it though, and in one piece thank goodness. I was starting to wonder when I boarded the propellor driven plane from Halifax to Charlottetown. I guess I was spoiled by jets over in Europe.

Anyways, yesterday it was back to work. It was also Hallowe'en! I avoided candy all day longa and only indulged at the end of my workout class with Gineen, who had dressed up in a kimono as aJapanses girl. She is so very full of energy!

After workout class I quickly changed into something more appropriate for my Hip Hop class. not that I have any attire that is really hip hop style, but I wasn't going to wear my sweatyh sports bra and tank top.

Hip Hop Class was a blast and a laugh. I think I was cocky, since I'd been doing pretty well at Scottish danicng, but Hip Hop = totally foreign. I laughed at myself a lot last night.

Today was kind of stressful - work does that to ya. It was a big day for Canadian politics what with the release of the Gomery report. I can't believe I am watching and listening to CBC all thetime now..