Monday, November 07, 2005

I have come to the conclusion that it is very near impossible to have contentment in all areas of life at the same time. For instance - in Scotland I loved the social life and the great friend, but hated work (not my workmates though!). In PEI I actually really like my job and have no social life to speak of thus, nothing to like or dislike about it!

I also find my weekdays super busy and my weekends super quiet, which is kind of the opposite of Scotland. I only watch TV one hour a week and spend about 8 hours a week at the gym, which is pretty much opposite of what I did in Scotland for much of my time there! And of course I am drinking absolutely no alcohol now, whereas in Scotland..well there are a few that can atest to my indulgences in two things: wine and candy. Oh, OK, there was a third - it was the male species, but believe me it was rarely an indulgence! it was a pretty quiet weekend . I was home alone. Well, it was actually me a Smudgie but cats don't count in my books. Anyways, the highlights of the weekend were going to the movies on Saturday night with my hot movie date (aka Dad/Daddy). We went to see North Country - I highly recommend it, although it is rather disturbing to be quite honest. On Sunday night I made dinner from the new cookbook - Eat Shrink & be Merry. It was amexican lasagna with tortillas instead of noodles and salsa and beans, etc. It was sooooooo goooooood!!!!!

Today I worked out three times - this morning I did some leg work. After a super busy day I went to Myrtle's Step/Suicide with Weights class and then I went to Hip Hop class where we bopped along to Pink's 'Get the Party Started' Suffice to say I am now a bit sore!

It was great fun though, and I am so glad I decided to take a dance class - now where to show off my moves??? oh right...I forgot it's PEI!

In other news - the Governor General is on PEI - she is really pretty and seems so down-to-earth and friendlly. I had to go to a citizenship swearing in ceremony that she was presiding over. It was pretty neat and made me feel very grateful to be a Canadian.

In other othew news - who knows - looks like there might be an election this winter after all. I hope not!

That's all she wrote for now -super busy week ahead but no plans for the weekend as per usual!

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