Saturday, November 12, 2005

In another strange twist o life - I am home again on a Saturday night. I think that in the last two months I've stayed home more Saturday nights than I did the entire 16 months i lived in Scotland!! I could say it sucks, but to be honest I think I am dealing quite well with lack of social life here on PEI - given my tendency to enjoy socialising. Anyways, I am just killing time until my bread comes out of the breadmaker and then I will go watch a movie.

This is the second time I've made bread today - the first time I screwed it up majorly. Ididn't forget any ingredients, but I forgot to put a piece of the breadmaker into the machine, which resulted in it never getting stirred together at all. Whoops.

On a more positive note - I made the most scrumptious curry dish tonight! My first attempt at an Indian curry - it was from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry, and I must say it was extremely well-recieved - seconds all around!

Lately I've ben doing more cooking, writing and reading. Oh and torturing myself with lots of exercise. Solitary pursuits that I've been thoroughly enjoying. The three books I have on the go at the moment:

No Logo (Naomi Klein) - satisifies my 'anti-corporation' beliefs and encourages me to pursue a writing career (Klein was only 27 when she wrote this mammoth book that's become a bestseller)

10 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make - OK - there's an obvious lack of humbleness required to read this book (deeming oneseld smart could, initslef, be a dumb mistake - best ask for a second opinion!) Anyways - it s avery enlightening book . I've made a lot of stupid mistakes in the past which have been to my detriment. Tthe most obvious mistake - Being a Mind-Reader. I am the Queen of Assumptions -the only problem is, I am extremely inept at making accurate assumptions when it comes to interrelations with other people.

How to Be A Canadian (Will & Ian Ferguson) - This is HILARIOUS. I can think of at least five fellow Canadians who would consider this the gospel of all that makes this land of ours Canadia! Honestly, I don't laugh out loud too much when reading a book - everyone gets edgy at such action, but I can't help myself with this one!

OK - so aside from all that, it's been a rather hectic week here on PEI (never thought I'd say that!). Here are the hihglights of my week for anyone who is super bored or actually interested in what I've been up to (Will not do the numbers on this possibility - too infinitely small!)

Monday: Second hip hop class. Improved funkability and flexibilty! Copious amounts of practice ensue to the music of Pink's Get This Party Started. Wish I'd done this earlier in life...

Tuesday: Set up a weight training program with Gineen, personal trainer and masochistic aerobics instructor. I swear she enjoys torturing us - the bubbly persona is just a front! ANyways - 4 days a week I'll be inflicting pain on myself - two days on my upper body, two on my lower. All in the name of being fit and strong.

Wednesday: Attend a commuity forum hosted by my boss and the PEI Bioalliance. PEI is developing a bioscience cluster - how exciting! I am fast becoming a believer that small is better, that PEI's size is actually an advanatage in many way. Better to be a big fish in a small pond that vice versa.

Thursday: Have a session with nutritionist, discover my body fat is at highest percentage ever (OK, maybe not, but higher than last time I got test done!) She seems to think I can lose the weight I need to in about ten weeks through proper nutrition. I am still debating whether to shell out the money for a meal plan and support and am leanign towards sayign yes.

Thursday - about 5 hours after seeing nutritionist: Enjoy a lovely meal of Chicken & broccoli crepes & fries with Rana at the Pilot House & sneak afew bites of her pecan pie. Oops. On a better note - I saw Sherilyn!!!

Friday: Attend Remembrance Day ceremony. WE ahve much to be thankful for and I think that we ought to take greater care of that which men before us have dies for. Who are we to let politicians dissolve our civil rights? Who are we to let the world become more polluted, more corrupt and more dangerous than it was a generation ago?

We are here today because a generation of young men & women sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Perhaps we should start thinking about what sacrifices we need to be making so our children and our children's children can enjoy the bounty of our Earth as much as we do today. I suggest, as a first step, we choose to live more modestly - with smaller houses and fewer cars, better food and fewer trips to the shopping mall.

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