Tuesday, March 30, 2004

What strikes me as funny is how one such as myself can be so easily roped in to doing things. Not that I'm complaining because I tend to bring most of it upon myself.. but, well...I wonder if sometimes my ENFJ personality can be a bit of a burden. See, now apparently I'm the type of person that likes to help others out, likes to do it all, and tends to be a bit of an overachiever. Couple this with tendency to seek out others' approval and appreciation and you've got yourself a 'sucker-born-every-minute....a 'go-fer and a do-fer' that's me!. And you know..99% of the time I love it..I seriously do enjoy baking 10 banana loafs at a time, planning surprise birthday parties, editing resumes/cover letters, making big dinners for the gang, heck I'll even try to help someone find the best flight prices to Asia despite complete lack of travel agent skills

But, well...when one comes to realise that they are now doing for free what they'd been expecting to do as a part-time job only a few months ago..one tends to get a bit disheartened. I mean, I understand the limts of budgets and voluteering is great, but there are just some things I'd rather not do unless cash payment was involved - one of these things is speak in public.

Now, anyone who knows me well may be raise their eyebrows at self-proclamation that I am shy. Actually, come to think of it so would I, because I'm not really shy under most circumstances..I just don't like talking in front of big groups of people..particulary groups of local employers who may represent Shannon's future source of income. When standing at microphone I am reminded that I tend to talk at lightening speed..so in one way am reassured that even if my sentences are 'nonsensical', no one wil notice anyway, but on the other hand audience may mistake fast delivery for nervousness and judge me harshly :(

Oh well, what's done is done and it went over well. I got a free lunch out of it - although there really isn't sucha thing accrodig to economists, but what do they know. Have made mental note to carefully consider erquests for time/voice in the future, rather than be first one to eagerly rasie hand and accept opportunity to help out.

OK...onto other noteworty(ish) thingies:

I really don't deserve my big chocolate bunny now. I've been referring to him as 'Allen', when really his name is 'Allan'. To some this may seem a mere technicality, but what an ego-deflator for this Branded Bunny. Could he ever forgive me? I'd gamble on the side of yes..but I'm a wee bit biased. I almost took him home with me last night..but I was afraid I would suffer rejection with possible sidecourse of guilt. Am trying to convince myself that I should take him home and just put him away in safe place, so no one can get their hands on him. Ah, but I know myself too well..I'm too weak. I'd give in to temptation within 48 hours. So still he stays in the Superstore, with that ghastly price tag advertising that he is up for sale..anyone with $1.95 (plus taxes..as is legit business here) can take him home.

I received an extension on my Honours thesis..I didn't even have to grovel or plead or pay up front. Extra time was simply handed out (the Dean must have seen the desperation in my eyes). So I now have until April 8th to finish this lovely little paper, which, incidentally is a whopping 67 single-spaced pages at the moment. No, I'm never at a loss for words..although on occassion the right ones do ecape me

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