Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Well, I've done it , I've found the perfect companion.

His name is Allen. He's the strong and silent type. Solid and dependable. Did I mention rich? And sinfully so? Top of the line in my books. Really, what more could a girl ask for?

I've been paying him more and more visits as of late, although I've yet to give into the temptation of taking him home. Not for lack of desire mind you, but a gal such as myself must maintain some willpower and dignitiy, no? Must admit, I do feel a bit stalker-like though, as my visits are more often than not of the walk-by type. I'm a bit reluctant to stop for any longer as Allen really is too irresistible for my own good. My biggest fear is that some other girl who doesn't have the same appreciation for his greatness will come along and snatch him from under my nose. Well, I am simply not going to let that happen, he deserves better....and I believe I've earned myself some leeway with regards to giving into temptation....

Soon enough Allen will be all mine to devour - all one pound of solid, milk chocolate Easter bunny. I've reasoned out that I have nothing to lose, can only gain from such an experience. Gain what you ask? The satisfaction of tasting milk chocolate in large quanitites, something I've not experienced since the heydays of my Eurotrip. And, yes, one pound of weight...but I concluded that one pound of chocolate can only result in one pound weight increase and I can live with that.

Sure, sure, I realise Allen is 'only' a chocolate bunny and has limited potential as long-term companion, but that's the beauty of it. He's disposable!!! And there are hundreds of others just like him in each and every grocery store across the unlimited supply of Allens!!!

Now for all you other gals out there who are seeking the perfect chocompanion, let me just say this - the one-pound Allen is the only way to go. Nothing else will suffice, nothing else will give you complete satisfaction.

What about the Comet you ask? Sure, sure..the Comet is OK if you are on a tight budget and only looking for a little bit of sinfulness, but in the end you'd have to have 10 Comet bunnies to match the satsifaction derived from 1 Allen, and they laev an awful aftertaste.

What about the Lindt? Well, for those only interested in status and exterior appearances, maybe the Lindt is acceptable, but you know what? He's hollow on the inside, only a shell of a bunny. Hardly worth the big money he demands.

What can I say? I stand by my Allen bunny. He's the best bang for your buck and the most delicious treat out on the shelves these days.

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