Saturday, March 06, 2004

Ah..have made it through another week, only to be confronted with the weekend. To be somewhat (rather than completely) honest, I've become quite indifferent to which day it is. It made all the difference in the world when I was 'working' in the real world. Monday..well, let's not even speak of was never pleasant. Thursday on the other hand, oh wonderful Thursday - precursor to all good things, foreplay to sinfulness (ie. alcohol consumption, sleeping in, having a hang-over, being lazy, over-indulging in food and other good things)a . But now, with obligations limited to completion of Honours and webcourse, days have lost their individual identities. Now they represent only one thing: Certain Doom/Failure when March 29 arrives and 50 page paper is only 5 pages complete. Sigh.

Thursday past meant dinner and a movie night for me. We decided to see 21 Grams, an intense drama starring Sean Penn, Naoim Watts, Benecio Del Terro (sp?). Anywho, jury is still out on whether it was worthwhile to see. Depressing? Definitely. Acting? Superb. Storyline? Interesting enough, however excessive use of time sequencing was probably more confusing than it was artisitc. Anyhow, point is not whether I enjoyed movie...point is that this movie was actually playing in Charlottetown. Now, if one were to peruse the Empire Theatre listings, one would be hard pressed to find 21 Grams. That's because it's playing at Charlottetown's other, oft forgotten theatre, City Cinema. Unfortunately, its existence is recognized by a rather limited number of Islanders...namely the 'artsy' crowd and a few wanna-be movie buffs like me. Even more disturbingly, this fabulous, locally-owned business has been Christened with a nickname which, while slightly clever, is rather unappealing 'Shitty Cinema'. Well, in any case, this quaint little cinema with affordable ticket prices and appetizing concession treats serves up one thing that can't be guranteed at Empire Theatres - quality films...those gems that seem to fly by the mass-audience appeal radar for whatever reason, but tend to end up collecting at the Film Festivals, Academy Awards and Golden Globes.
This month's highlights include 'The Corporation', 'In America' and 'The Barbarian Invasions'. I suggest, no, I insist, for your own viewing pleasure, that you take in a picture at the City/Shitty Cinema (and get some Red Nibs for a treat..yummm!!)

In continuing with artsy theme, must also suggest checking out The Buzz on regular basis for best info on local arts & entertainment (including listings for all karaoke and trivia nights around town!!) You can pick up a free copy just about anywhere, or check them out online.

Right, so my brain is on aspartame (perhaps this is reason for sudden interest in all things artsy). Yes, have discovered that secret to weight loss is continuous consumption of Diet Pepsi and chewing of Sugarless Trident gum (cherry-flavoured is best..Peppermint works in a pinch) Unfortunately, side effects have been occuring on regular basis and include, but are not limited to, throbbing headaches, hyperness (even more so than ususal) and sore tongue (following consumption of 16 sticks of gum within one hour period). Vow to find new 'weight loss miracle' Actually, 1 hour/day at gym and avoidance of sugar/baked goods has been working fabulously... so perhaps vow should be to ween myself off aspartame....

Ms Raeanne Perry, formally of Summerside, PEI, currently of Ottawa, Ontario will be making history (and conjuring up jealousy of certain friends) when she officially goes backstage to meet John Mayer, prior to Montreal concert appearance. Suffice to say, with fourth row seats and lucky win of coveted Meet&Greet, Raeanne has got lots to smile/squeal about. Envy is disipating slowly but surely. Narrative of event will be posted in future. Stay tuned

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