Monday, February 20, 2012

Kitchen Makeover - Part 2 of 2

My kitchen has been transformed! It took a little longer than I had hoped it would, but apparently I prioritize work, sleep, studying, and trips to Moncton over cleaning out my fridge and freezer. This past week, however, under pressure to clean apartment before arrival of Mr. Wonderful for more than a couple of days, I finally tackled my fridge and freezer. I had anticipated that this wouldn't take nearly as long as cleaning my pantry out had taken, and I was correct!

The goal of my Kitchen Makeover is, ultimately, to remove most of the 'bad' foods from my kitchen, so as to have minimal temptations on my journey towards better eating and living. Unsurprisingly, most of the 'bad' foods in my kitchen were baking supplies and random chocolate treats. My distaste for processed and prepackaged foods meant that neither my fridge or freezer had many culprits that needed confiscation. There were, nevertheless, some items that ended up in the bin, including long past due jars and cartons of food in my fridge, freezer-burned fish, and random cookies and squares that I'd tossed in the freezer in an attempt to avoid immediate consumption, but clearly was not ready or willing to part with forever. In addition to cleaning out my fridge and freezer, I also attempted to clean my countertops and find homes for all my kitchen appliances, including my new blender, spice rack and smoothie mixer.

Here are some pictures of my kitchen post-makeover!

Now. my freezer is filled with packages of meat (mostly lamb from the market), salmon, frozen berries, bacon, and single-servings of breakfast casserole and salmon loaf, which I made in advance for lunches. What isn't in my freezer is more telling though - there are no microwave meals or frozen pizzas (there never have been), no tubs of ice cream, no breaded fish pieces or french fries (ew), and none of those cookies or squares that I had squirreled away. My fridge has fresh food, mostly of the vegetable variety, along with eggs, condiments, and cartons of milk and almond milk. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the contents of my fridge and freezer. I also love that I finally have a spice rack and am back in the business of blending!!

Now that my kitchen is devoid of 'bad' foods, my challenge is going to be to keep it that way and to make sure I minimize my out-of-home consumption of 'bad' foods that can be found at work, at the grocery store and at restaurants. The more I delve into my nutrition book, the more I become aware of the many, many ways in which foods can be detrimental to our health OR the best preventive medicine we could ever take. I shall endeavour to make my kitchen serve as my medicine cabinet, and what tasty medicines it shall be stocked with!!

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