Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sigh. OK, be forewarned that, as I write this, I am kind of bummed out for a variety of reasons, which I may or may not write about later on in this post. That being said, I will attempt to pepper this post with some positive and prolific thoughts so as to keep you all sane and tuned in.

K - I was doing SO well at not being homesick during this festive season - namely because it's freaking plus 30 degrees here and so it does not seem like Christmas at all. Additionally, I have just been way too busy to take the time to think about the fact that this is my first Canada away from, well, pretty much everything: my family, my old friends, PEI, Canada, the Northern Hemisphere, the season called get the idea. Well, a combination of things now have me absolutely longing to be back on the Island. Sigh. I might have to cry now but you won't notice because this is a blog post and I can just come back and finish it after my tears have dried.

On a MUCH happier note - today I rec'd THREE Christmas cards (my first three of the season!). And yes, I did open them :) Thanks to Mom&Jim, Nanny, and Gram & Grampie. I am thoroughly impressed that they all got my address correct. I. on the other hand, forgot to complete Nanny's address so her card was returned to me Monday. Apparently the Aussies couldn't suss out that Summerside, PE is in Canada. Oops.

K, the thing is ..I'm not as happy as I was when I first arrived here and I'm not as happy as I know I could be. I think, to be honest, that there are two BIG factors that are affecting my happiness factor and one smaller factor.

The biggest factor is, without a doubt, working at Citibank. I just know I am not cut of corporate cloth and I really find it hard to be around people day in adn day out who stress over things such as getting sales reports on time. Ugh. I am tired of being a part of something which I genuninely disdane. When I started at Citibank I convinced myself I could handle it for a short time and the money would make up for the compromising of my values. But I was wrong.

The second biggest factor is my physical well-being which I believe I have already written loads about on this blog, but that isn't going to stop me from carrying on about it again. OK, I am perfectly aware of what I need to do to stay in shape and keep the weight off - everybody knows - eat well and in moderation, while engaging in exercise on a regular basis.. The thing that most people don't ever come to realise is how much of an impact moving to a new place and embracing a new life can have on one's body. I have spoken to loads of fellow female travellers and I swear, 80% of them have experienced the same issues I have. Yes, I have to take responsibility for my eating and drinking habits which have not been perfect (altho my exercising habits are even more vigorous than they were back at home), but there's a great deal that I cannot control with regards to how my body and mind react to all the changes I am forcing upon them. I can only hope that the changes I make in the new year, wehn I leave the city and embrace the farm life, will impact positively upon my mind and body.

The final, smaller factor, is simple - I am not a big city girl and it's starting to take its toll. I don't really know what it is about citylife, but it drains me and puts me in a foul mood much too often. People tend to be rude, people tend to be in a rush and people tend to frown more often than they smile. Things are louoder and faster, but not necessarily better. I think it is all related to the fac t that I can't stand coroporate life and this is the life that many cityfolk embrace with open arms. (more on this - I am going to do some writing later tonight)

OK - so what am I doing about all the things that are causing me misery? Well, I am going to change the things within my control. I am leaving the big city life, quitting Citibank and, consequently, will be giving up drinking and overindulging in bad foods. I am going to go live and work on farms and vineyards around Australia - hopefully this will repair both my mind and my body because, oh boy, do they both need it!

Other Random Thoughts/Questions/Observations

The new James Bond film is excellent - a return to the classic Bond storyline - the action is still brilliant, but there's more substance and style to this latest installment. As for the new James Bond - I am torn. He can act and looks good without any clothes on, but he has the face of a villain (piercing blue eyes, no upper lip). Hmmmm, I'm just not sure - Roger Moore is still my fav.

Would it be wrong for me to go on a date with an Irish guy that I have absolutely no interest in simply so I can hear him talk? Good grief, that's sad isn't it? This Irish guy started chatting with me at the bar, convinced that I was from the Irish countryside andI just turned into Jello. He was from Dublin - what a lovely accent. But, to be fair, I have no interest in him (aside from hearing his accent). In fact, it turns out that I've not really be interested in anyone that I've met since arriving in Australia, which is not to say I am not interested in anyone... Ahem.

I recently saw a trailer for a new film which has Will Smith playing a single father struggling to make ends meet and pursuing the dream of working as a stockbroker. Looks like it could be a good flick, but I was a bit thrown by the film's title as depicted on the screen: 'The Pursuit of Happyness'. Please, someone please tell confirm that I am not the only one that sees something wrong with this!!

Tomorrow we are taking off from work early for the Credit Cards Christmas Picnic! Yay - a half day at work then lots of free food, booze and plenty of shenanigans!

K - that's enough for now. I'm still bummed out, but I don't feel like explaining why at the moment...

Saturday I am hosting a Christmas potluck dinner at my house - should be great fun. Afterwards we may all go down to the Royal Botanic Gardens to take in Carols by Candlelight which is supposed to be a brilliant show - stars singing carols and loads of families and the such enjoying the evening. The only hitch - it's supposed to rain.

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