Sunday, December 17, 2006

Anyone Have a Wheelbarrow?

Ugh - I am stuffed - like a turkey at Christmas. Except I am stuffed with banoffi pie, sausage rolls, lasagna and egg custard pie. Oh and maybe some wine. Maybe a lot of wine.

I am feeling slightly better than last time I posted with my 'poor poor sad sad me' rambles. It might have something to do with the fact that I spent this afternoon drinking sparkling wine all afternoon, having an absolutely fabulous Christmas potluck party, and calling North America yesterday.

The truth is, yesterday, I had a bit of a cry. First time since I've arrived (except when I cried about having bedbug bites which is totally ledgit). Anyways, the crying started when i banged my head really really hard on a cupboard in teh kitchen, then I just found myself crying about everything. As much as I absolutely LOVE travelling and living abroad, there are some things that are sometimes being difficult to deal with - like being away from your family at Christmas time, and wanting to be back in N. America but at the same time not wanting to forfeit your adventure, and not knowing which friends to count amongst your closest. Anyways,I eventually stopped crying, called North America, madecream cheese icing for my carrot cake and felt a lot better.

Last night I hosted a Christmas potluck. I made five dishes - Mexican lasagna, pizza, a huge salad, carrot cake and chewy chocolate bars. Guests brought an assortment of yummy dishes, although a couple did not seem to get the concept completely. In any case, there was more than enough food to go around and liquor to be drunk. We also did a gift giving game, where we drew numbers and then, based on numerical order, selected gifts from the pile that we had donated. I miraculously got the best number - Pick 1st but also, after everyone else has gone, get the chance to steal any gift from anyone. But I didn't,I stuck with the Fundies I originally unwrapped - undies for two with four leg holes. Peter and I tried them on and got some brilliant shots. I'll see I can get some from my friends who have better cameras than me!

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