Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Short & Sweet

I promised myself I'd go to bed early tonight and it's already 10.15, so I have to make this a really short post, so here goes:

Did I mention I am really starting to dislike my job? I could be more specific about the part/person I dislike, but I will attempt to digress. Thank goodness most of the people there are great company, thank goodness for the free gym, and thank goodness it's only 6 more weeks before I fly the Citicoop.

All that being said - Citibank knows how to throw a fabulous Christmas party. Friday night was, bar none, the BEST party I've ever been to. Not sure which of the following took the cake, but all in all it was a 'wicked' night and slighlty queasy morning..

  • the venue decked out in an 'arabian nights' theme
  • the smorgasboard of food at the buffet table
  • the gambling tables manned by professional dealers that were willing to give me starter chips worth $5,000 for absolutely nothing
  • the bumper cars free for all
  • the corn on the cob stand
  • the FABULOUS live band
  • the great company, or
  • the OPEN bar

Went north on Saturday to a little town on the CEntral Coast called Budgewoi. Invited by my friend, Lisa. What a lovely escape from the city. If only I hadn't been mistaken for an EXPECTING mother, it would have been a PERFECT weekend.

Was going to post some pics from the trip but having difficulties- will try next time I get a chance and my head doesn't feel like leadweight

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Rob said...

Expectant mother!
I think I can trump that - I was asked by the ticket seller at the cinema in London when I went to see Borat if I was over 65!