Thursday, November 30, 2006

Elton And I

It's been awhile. Things have happened, other things have not. For instance, one thing that has happened is that I've spent another weekend hopping from party to party, buying a dress here and a dress there to make sure I am properly attired for aforementioned parties. One thing that hasn't happened is weight loss.

Oh, before I go any further let me update on a couple of items:

1. Marathon training was put on hold back when I started bootcamp and I've not picked it up again. I realised somewhere along the line that I simply am too stressed about losing weight (or not losing it) to even consider being disciplined enough to train for a marathon. I also realised I may not be able to afford a ticket to NZ for the marathon. So...all that being said my current focus is on being healthy, destressing and making the rest of my time in Australia as productive as possible. I still plan to run a marathon, but maybe it will have to be on PEI

2. Hmm..actually I don't think I even have a two..oops. Oh well!

OK, so life continues to be hectic and I can't say I'm complaining cause it's all about the social life, but to a certain degree I am looking forward to getting away from it all and having some peace and quiet in the outback.

On Saturday I went to two parties - one involved a BBQ (Bring Your Own Meat is a big thing here..I brought a salmon steak). The other was a rooftop party - absolutely brilliant - you could see all of Sydney and there was even a DJ - they sure know how to celebrate birthdays here!

But, yes, as you may have guessed from the title of this entry, the highlight of the last little while was definitely seeing Captain Fantastic in concert. Shannon Courtney the male version, had purchased tickets the day they went on sale (I completely forgot until it was too late), but waited until Sunday to inform me that he was inviting me along!!!!!!!!

So there we were down at the ENtertainment CEntre in Darling Harbour, ready for a night of pure musical genius, when Shannon tripped and rolled his ankle. Having already torn every single ligament in that ankle, he was in a lot of pain. Somehow I spotted a St Johns Ambulance dude who had popped out for some razor blades at the local convenience store. We went to the first aid room, got Shanon all iced and bandaged up then plopped him in a wheelchair to be rolled to our seats. Unfortunately, we were sitting wway up in the nosebleeds and Shannon had to maek the last leg of the journey on a very sore ankle.

Once we were settled in, however, we were treated to a brilliant night - no supporting act - Just Elton, his band and his piano. The sets were brilliant, many of his classics sprinkled with some of his newer releases. By the end of hte night, I swear he'd played every hit he ever had..aside from the ones I assume he couldn't play because of movie rights (Lion King soundtrack & Pinball WIzard). Shannon pointed out he also did not sing Sacrifice, but what did I care. He sang my two favorites - Your Song & Tiny Dancer along witha heap of other brilliant Elton songs. TWo and half hours of pure Elton. Could it get any better? Well, maybe for poor Shannon with his injury, but aside from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

That's all for now - I feel my blogging is becoming quite boring. It's becasue I am always so tired when I finaly get around to writing this. Sorry!

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