Monday, July 24, 2006

Wooloomooloo Or Something Like That

Let's Talk About Food

Bananas have never been my fruit of choice, but they are cheap and easy to carry. They are also an integral part of my Blueberry Banana Soy Shake as prescribed by my nutritionist. So there I am innocently wandering through the local grocery store, Coles, checking out the exotic fruits and veggies on offer when I come across the banana display. Bananas on this particular week are $15.99 per kilogram. Now I can't say I'm the kind of shopper who normally pays attention to Per/Kg prices, but that seemed a bit steep even to me, so I just broke off one banana and made my way to the check out. This banana, of Australian origin, was $3.00. I Come to a Land Down Under where Bananas Plunder.

Turns out Larry the Cyclone wiped out 90% of the banana crop earlier this year and while I vaguely recall hearing about this crises, I didn't realise how serious it could affect one's diet until, well, I found myself wanting a banana and not being able to afford one.

Tonight I cooked Kangaroo Kebabs. It turns out kangaroo is one of the cheapest meats you can buy and is also quite a healthy meat - lower in fat than steak. So I turned on the grill, which in and of itself was quite a harrowing experience. Here I was worried about poisonous snakes and spiders when really I should have been concerned about gas-lit appliances. In any case I learned the hard way that one should not turn the gas for the grill on and then spend several minutes trying to light a crappy match. That is unless one wants to burn the hair off one's hands...and possibly more. Anyways I then proceeded to burn the kangaroo but it tasted quite good dipped in ketchup.

Tomorrow I enter the world of work after a good five month hiatus. And I daresay I will be jumping in the deep end of the pool. Turns out jobs are aplenty in Sydney so no worries if you're thinking of coming DOwn Under - you WILL have employment! I had three offers on the table and opted for a position as a marketing assistant with Citibank. I was forewarned Citibank is pretty frantic place to work - eating lunch is sometimes not possible and no one leaves the office before 7.00 Lucky for me I get overtime pay and lucky for me it's only a 5 week contract.

I love the place I am staying - more specifically I love the area it is in and the people I am living with. Shacking up with two gay guys in Surry Hills. One of them is Canadian and we've become fast friends and gym buddies to boot. Oh and speaking of gyms - I signed up for one and have gone the past three days :)

Spent the weekend meeting new people, shopping and trying to behave myself. It was a brilliant time! I can't wait til it gets warmer though - this rain and cold is kind of reminding me of Edinburgh, which oddly makes me miss it even more!

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Anonymous said...

Love you wish I could send you some bananas You sound happy I'm glad . Watch out for those snakes