Thursday, July 13, 2006

Made it to the other side of the world in one piece!! So I've been in Sydney for about 36 hours - all is well so far. I was a wee bit tired arriving after my 18 hour flight, but somehow managed to spend the entire day walking around the CBD and getting stuff done.

Last days in San Fran were brilliant. I could definitely do with more of that city so I guess it's a good thing I'm booked on a return flight there next year :) Super sore legs from walking up hills and the such.

OK, back to Sydney - will not comment on the city yet. I haven't seen enough, but damn I'm proud of how much I've got sorted already: my visa label, my tax number, my mobile, my flat for the first month and my bank account. Efficiency of Australian services definitely helped!

Staying at a hostel just a block from my temp flat (in Surry Hills). Saw the flat today - it is A-OK - nothing fancy but it will do and apparently I will be living with a Canadian dude too!

Meeting my name twin tonight - excited about that. Just wish I didn't feel like sniffling every two seconds and now I am burning up. I think I am actually a bit sick, but in denial.

K - gotta go!


Rob said...

Hey You made it!
Watch out for the Brown Snakes - they often lurk in bars - behind the Funnel Webs and the Cane Toads

Anonymous said...

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